Modern American leftist: Out of touch with reality, chasing imaginary 'demons in the dark'

Mass Psychosis of the Radical Left

By JB Williams
Monday, September 28, 2009

Far be it for me to play armchair shrink here, but the more I see how the modern leftist mind works, the more I am convinced that there is a very real mental disorder in play.

For years I thought that radical leftists in the U.S. were just ill-informed, morally bankrupt children of the ‘60s, born with pot, acid, party barbiturates or heroin coursing through their veins.

I thought they were just well indoctrinated by yesteryears’ draft dodgers become Ivy League Law professors or anti-American ACLU legal hacks. But the closer I look at their consistent behavioral patterns, the more I become convinced that there is a mass psychosis involved.

If there was ever a group “out of touch with reality