Special video report from Steve Quayle and Mike Adams: The American government turns its weapons of WAR against the PEOPLE

08/21/2023 // Mike Adams // 2.3K Views

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The tyrannical US government now treats the American people the exact same way it has treated other nations for decades: Threats, coercion, force, pillaging and weaponization of everything. No American should be surprised that the same lawless tyrants who have traumatized the world have now turned their weapons inward, against the people.What the government just did to #Lahaina in #Maui has been done already to Libya, Iraq, Panama, Afghanistan, Syria and a long list of other nations. The US government regime has long abandoned any intention to coexist with other nations -- or with its own people -- in a mutually beneficial balance. It no longer has any capacity for negotiation, compromise, compassion or humility. Rather, the US regime characterizes the raw quest for power at any cost, no matter how many lives are destroyed or rules of law have to be violated. The "rules based order" means we order you to follow our rules, and we may change those rules at any time, for any reason, without explanation or justification. And the label "democracy," when uttered by these tyrants, means nothing more than kowtowing to their demands for total control over all the planet's resources: Energy, food, minerals, land, labor and more.
Far beyond anything resembling "democracy," the US empire actually functions more like pirates of the high seas, pillaging and wrecking their way across the globe, threatening others with violence and fear, while existing as parasites that feed off the productivity of citizens. Even worse, this particular band of pirates can print their own currency, allowing them to "pillage" the value of the dollar, effectively stealing from those who have actually expended time and effort to earn money. It's all being looted from them by the government pirates, who are printing (and stealing) by the trillions.

For these reasons and more, the whole world is sick of the American empire. And so are the American people. This is why a revolt is building in the minds and hearts of the American people, many of whom increasingly realize they will never be free until this regime is removed from power.
That's also why, increasingly, we see more and more people rooting for the collapse of the dollar as a means of defunding the tyranny that now threatens all of humanity. Never forget that the US empire is the key exporter of child mutilations, transgenderism, GMOs, censorship, authoritarianism, pornography, biological weapons and toxic pharmaceuticals. All of this is made possible by money printing. What the USA does to its own children is arguably worse than communist China's organ harvesting operations. The US empire, run by criminals and demon-infested transhumanists, is now the single most evil entity on planet Earth, and no nation or group of people is safe as long as this tyrannical empire exists.
Meanwhile, BRICS nations -- and over 100 more who are joining in the BRICS currency movement -- are in the process right now of building a new, international currency system that will make the dollar obsolete among most of the world's nations. (Operation Sandman is in play...) It won't be long before the dollar meets its demise, plunging the American people into near-instant poverty and desperation.
Steve Quayle sounds off on the weaponization of government against the people

Over the weekend, I conducted an emergency interview with Steve Quayle, covering the latest developments in the government's weaponization of everything against We the People. As we cover in the interview, the US government is now engaged in all the following forms of warfare against the American people:

  • Economic warfare (shutting down businesses)
  • Currency warfare (printing money and driving down the value of the dollar)
  • Geoengineering / weather warfare (causing floods, droughts and crop failures)
  • Food scarcity warfare (starvation and food inflation)
  • Psychological warfare (fear campaigns pushed by the media, such as climate terror)
  • Cultural warfare (LGBT cult indoctrination targeting children)
  • Race warfare (trying to get the races to hate each other and commit violence against each other)
  • Education warfare (hijacking public education to teach children to hate themselves and their country)
  • Censorship warfare (colluding with Big Tech to censor anyone who tells the truth, on nearly any topic)
  • Energy warfare (shutting down energy infrastructure by claiming it's necessary for "climate change")
  • Agricultural warfare (seizing or shutting down farms to decrease food production and food resiliency)
  • Terraforming warfare (altering the atmosphere to remove CO2, the molecule necessary for all photosynthesis)
  • Infrastructure warfare (taking out infrastructure components such as refineries and power grid substations)
  • Election rigging (to steal the future from the people and keep them enslaved under tyranny)
  • Biological warfare (building and release biological weapons to keep the plandemics going and control the masses)
  • Vaccine warfare (using "vaccines" as the cover story for depopulation / infertility injections designed to reduce human populations)

You can hear the full interview with Steve Quayle and myself in the last hour (or so) of today's Brighteon Broadcast News, which also covers:
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Special video report from Steve Quayle and Mike Adams: The American government turns its weapons of WAR against the PEOPLE – NaturalNews.com