Mob Rule Comes to America

For the first time in history, we have a populace who will not abide by the results of our election process, and their effort to obstruct and destroy is damaging the fabric of our society and the foundation on which this country rests.

October 5, 2018
By Shari Goodman

Since President Trump's election, we have been bombarded nearly daily by mobs of "Resisters" seeking to overturn the last election through verbal and physical assaults against supporters of President Trump. The assaults have been waged not only against the everyday men and women who voted for our president, but against Republican legislators and conservatives in theaters; in restaurants; at sporting events (where Congressman Steve Scalia nearly lost his life); and, as we recently observed, in the very chambers of government. Taking their cue from "Auntie Maxine" (Maxine Waters), who has urged her supporters to harass, hound, and confront their opponents wherever Republicans can be found, it is time for Republicans and conservatives to address and confront the descent into mob rule.

Photo credit: majunznk.
Senator Jeff Flake's confrontation in an elevator by two George Soros-funded hysterical women with cameras set up to film their shameful assault achieved exactly the impact the perpetrators desired. Anna Marie Archilla of the Soros-funded Center for Popular Democracy held the elevator door open while twenty-five-year-old Marie Gallagher hysterically screamed at the senator. Shortly thereafter, Flake returned to the Senate floor and called for the postponement of a vote on Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation on an allegation that had no merit. Triumphant Democratic Senate Judiciary members could be seen gleefully congratulating each other and exchanging high fives. What the left understands and Republicans have not learned is that shame and fear, when employed as tactics, work.
While mob rule and street justice have been evident throughout the Third World, we in America prided ourselves on a judicial system of law and order. We were a country of laws and not of men. As multiculturalism within the last few decades became a celebrated ideology, a demographic shift caused by third-world immigrants and aliens began to uproot our cultural heritage rooted in Western civilization. Saul Alinsky's Marxist playbook encouraged the left to take to the streets in the name of social justice, and suddenly, the left had new arrivals whose political framework was derived and shaped in countries without the rule of law.
For the last few decades, we have witnessed them taking to the streets to demand equality and racial and social justice throughout cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Baltimore along with violent rallies at Berkeley and dozens of college campuses. Since the election of President Trump, whom they view as illegitimate, they have united together under what they term "The Resistance" to destroy not only the president, but his agenda and all who support him. Whether it be immigration, executive orders, foreign policy, our economy, or judicial nominations, they block his every move to prevent him from governing.
For the first time in history, we have a populace who will not abide by the results of our election process, and its effort to obstruct and destroy is damaging the fabric of our society and the foundation on which this country rests. We have a lawful process in place to address the will of the people, and currently we see the Democrats destroying the institutions we have relied on since our founding to carry out the will of the people. Whether it is the unlawful plots at the FBI and the Justice Department to frame an innocent President Trump, the weaponization of the IRS to silence conservatives, or the theater of the absurd at the confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh, the left's dirty tactics are now a threat to our liberty and democracy. There is not an institution that has not been impacted. Many of us are asking what institutions we can still trust and rely on.
Since the left has not been able to advance its agenda at the ballot box, its followers rely on activist judges in black robes to advance their radical agenda. It was a process that worked well for them under Clinton and Obama, but now, without Congress or the Executive Branch and with the possible loss of the Supreme Court, they see their grasp on power slipping away, and they have become unhinged. They have openly stated they will stop at nothing in their effort to remove a duly elected president. In an effort to hang on to power, they are now employing mob rule and character assassination in the halls of Congress, as we witnessed during last week's congressional hearing.
Character assassination is a ploy often used by Democrats in the past, as we saw with the attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas and Judge Robert Bork. Now that they are desperate to hang on to power, it is being used against a judicial nominee whom they could not discredit in the vetting process and one who claims he has had no contact with the alleged victim. There should be hell to pay for those who destroy a man's life and family with unsubstantiated, meritless allegations in their quest for political power. Who among good men will want to run for office knowing that a leftist Democratic hit squad is lying in wait? The damage to our judiciary by the Democrats is enormous.
Thus, it is not enough to denounce the thugs. George Soros, the billionaire funding the assaults and attacks, must be brought to justice for not only inciting violence, not to mention investigated for sedition, a crime we need to begin to take seriously. He and his minions are obstructing the agenda we voted on and one we won. It is imperative that Republicans in office begin to use the term "sedition" in public.
Those who plot the overthrow of the United States as a constitutional republic for a one-world order, as Soros has openly advocated, can no longer be ignored. He and his marching minions must be prosecuted for funding a war waged against our republic, and let it be a warning that we will no longer sit idly by as we watch our country destroyed from within.
During November's midterm elections, we can elect new leaders who will stand up for the rule of law and vote out those whose actions support the left. Let it be a litmus test for those running for office. If they refuse to restore the rule of law, they don't deserve our vote. It is past high time for conservatives and Republicans to fight back. There was only one valorous senator fighting for Judge Kavanaugh. We need many more Lindsey Grahams if we are to remain a country of laws; otherwise, we will descend into a country of mob rule. The choice is ours!
Shari Goodman is a writer, public speaker, and activist. Her articles have been featured in American Thinker, WND, Israel Today, and other publications.