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MSNBC Says Black People Won't Vote TRUMP in 2020!

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Anthony Brian Logan
Published on May 30, 2019

Mika and Joe of MSNBC were wrapping up a segment with a guest when Joe decided to speak a little about the demographics of Donald Trump supporters and how it could impact the 2020 election. He said that many people are beginning to shy away from Trump’s rhetoric … with the exception of white people, more specifically white males. After that, he declared that he would not have black support because of things he said about Charlottesville, the alleged s-hole countries remark, and “misogynistic” statements.”

It seems like Mika and Joe have spent a little too much time in their liberal echo chambers at cocktail parties to have a true sense of what Americans are feeling.

Reality is that Trump had more of the black vote than Mitt Romney and John McCain did prior to him in 2016. There has also been a dramatic increase in black support for Trump during his Presidency, especially among black males. 20% of black males under the age of 30 voted Trump in 2016. That number will increase. Hillary Clinton got around 88% of the black vote in 2016. That number will decrease with Joe Biden or whoever the Democratic candidate is. Nobody is as strong as she was back then and support for Trump has risen among blacks.

Statements from Joe will only further the trend of Trump gaining interest from black voters. Many of us are tired of being shoehorned into a small box that liberals force us into. Black conservative movements are springing up all over the country. This is happening with the parallel reality of the left going so far beyond reason, the only place left to go is over an edge.

MSNBC can say whatever they want about black support for Trump being non-existent, but reality says something else.