No overweight diners allowed inside Japan's first naked restaurant

Published June 14, 2016
First, there was London's Bunyadi: the back-to-basics restaurant concept where diners are required to disrobe made headlines earlier this year for its waitlist tens of thousands deep.

Then Australia jumped on the nude dining bandwagon with its own clothing optional pop-up in May.

Now the Japanese are jumping on the au naturel restaurant trend with a brand new eatery-- but this time, there's a catch.

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At The Amrita, a new restaurant in Tokyo, everyone is naked-- except for the staff.

They’ll be wearing G-strings.

But don’t think you can just drop your skivvies and sit down for a cheeseburger and fries while you let it all hang out (literally). Amrita has a lot of rules and regulations.

So here’s the skinny — and we do mean skinny:
• No cellphones.
• No “calling out to other customers.”
• No touching.
• No tattoos.
• Nobody under the age of 18 or over the age of 60.

And here’s the best one of all:

• No overweight people. You will be weighed and measured before admission, and if you’re approximately 30 pounds over the recommended weight based on your height,you’ll be sent packing-- with your clothes.

And don’t go asking for your money back, because there’s no refund of the $131-to-$536 entrance fee you paid before you showed them your birth certificate and stepped on the scale.

There are a few more rules, which are listed here.

But if you’re willing to leave your cellphone at home, and if you can keep your hands in the pockets of the pants you won’t be wearing, and if you’re not too young and not too old, and if you’re thin and beautiful, then sit back and enjoy "the delights of an organic menu" and a "'Men's Show' dance performance on stage featuring only the best of the best American and European male models."

Which we guess makes all the initial scrutiny worthwhile.

Amrita opens in Tokyo on July 29. If you’re interested, here’s the menu.