The Natives are Restless Over Article About Freeloading

Monday, April 1, 2013
by Jan Morgan (

It seems an article on my website written by Lori Wallach Boxer, has generated a bit of rage among Native Americans…. some of them angry with me for publishing it.
Here is a link to the article: Reservations, Plantations, Bailouts, Handouts

The angry folks, unfortunately, resorted to pulling the RACE CARD, calling her a racist for picking on the Natives.
Here is my response to Native Americans who are angry about this:
First, I am Cherokee Indian…..but… more importantly, I AM AN AMERICAN!
I am proud of my heritage, but ashamed of what many of my people have become.
I was raised to be proud and independent….not a victim and dependent…

Though I am entitled to government handouts because of my bloodline, I WOULD NEVER, EVER, TAKE a dime from my government from any program that is based on race.

I believe RACISIM revolves around any program that divides, takes from or gives to a group of people based on their race.


Lori Boxer uses strong language and some phrases I would not chose to use in her article, but, the basis of her article, the meat of what she has to say, I agree with completely. I am against any government programs that assist any group of people based on race. Period.
I want the Indian people to be strong, proud, and independent,… rather than victims….I do not believe any group of people deserve to be coddled generation after generation, after generation for the sins of the past. Continuous dependency like this destroys the pride and independence of people… American Indians have the highest poverty rate and lowest life expectancy rate of any group of people in the country.. What does that say about our race? Who is responsible for that? NATIVE AMERICANS ARE RESPONSIBLE.

Every human adult is a living testimony of his or her choices in life.. If you want to blame someone for your state in life, you should look no further than your self. I expect NO ONE to hand me the American Dream on a silver platter. If I want it, I will work for it and achieve it.
John Stossel did an exceptional job in this report, showing what government dependency by Indians has done to my people…

It is embarrassing and sad to me.

I am also sick and tired of groups of people who jump on the “racism’ bandwagon…. quick to call people “racists” rather than address the real issues being brought up.
I think, rather than ranting “racist” at authors who point out issues within our culture, we should take a close hard look at what our culture has become and ask ourselves honestly, is there truth in some of their statements? Have we become slaves to the government, professional victims for generations?

Lori’s article is an opinion piece, her opinion/analysis of an article on She has a 1st Amendment right to verbalize her opinion, and this website is anything BUT POLITICALLY CORRECT.

Watch Stossels report and you tell me…… How are Native Americans in general doing with all the government hand outs and control…

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