Nearly 300,000 Californians Vote to Elect Gun Smuggler!

By Eric Reed on June 4, 2014 in BuzzPo, Crime, Gun control, Politics
Eric Reed is the President and Founder of Gun Rights Across America (GRAA). They have chapters in all 50 states, and a membership of over 200,000 freedom loving Americans. GRAA wholeheartedly believes that the Second Amendment is worth fighting for.

I’m sure most remember the infamous California State Senator who was arrested for gun smuggling. The same State Senator who was aligning himself to be California’s next Secretary of State. Well, over a quarter million Californians voted for this soon to be felon!
Anti-gun Senator Leland Yee was formally indicted on federal charges of illegal arms trading this past March, which included smuggling of shoulder fired missiles to radical Islamist groups in the Philippines. Yee had one of California’s strongest voices in limiting 2nd Amendment rights to law-abiding Californians.

Following Yee’s March arrest, he wasn’t able to be pulled off the ballot in time. His request was denied, as the deadline had already passed.
At the time of his arrest, Yee was polling at 8%. After the final results were tallied this morning, Yee captured 11%, or nearly 300,000 Californians that voted for him! That puts Yee at finishing in second place amongst the Democratic candidates.
I don’t have to express how ludicrous it is that Yee could even capture a few votes, let alone nearly 300,000! For us to say this is an issue isolated only to California I fear wouldn’t be accurate at all. It’s the continuing trend of Americans becoming increasingly dependent on government support. So dependent, they do no research on any candidates whatsoever. They’ve been properly groomed to check the box with “D” next to the candidates name. After all, this is what both local and mainstream media promote, so it must be the right choice to make. This serves as a very sad but clear illustration of how uninformed many of the Democratic voters are.