IT NEVER ENDS: U.K. says citizens will need “booster” shots every three months FOREVER in order to manage covid

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(Natural News) Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid of Great Britain has announced plans to impose a policy of endless booster shots for all adults every three months for the rest of their lives.
Speaking before the House of Commons (watch below), Javid explained how the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) recently decided that the new plan is to regularly inject all adults 18 years of age and older every three months for the Chinese Virus and its many variants.

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Minimum dose interval for booster jabs to be halved from 6 months to 3 months and all adults to be offered booster Covid vaccine, Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirms

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10:47 AM · Nov 29, 2021

“JCVI published its advice in the last hours,” Javid said. “First, it advised that the minimum dose interval for booster jabs should be halved from six months to three months. Second, that the booster program should be expanded to include all remaining adults aged 18 and above.”
Javid went on to explain that he believes booster shots should be offered by age group “in a descending order,” beginning with those “most vulnerable to the virus.”
“So, priority will be given to older adults and people over 16 who are at risk,” he explained.
Javid also wants “severely immunocompromised” people 16 years of age and older to receive what he described as “three primary doses” of the injection followed by a fourth booster dose.
“Finally, that children aged between 12 and 15 should be given a second dose 12 weeks from the first dose,” he added.
“I have accepted this advice in full. With this new variant on the offensive, these measures will protect more people more quickly and make us better protected as a nation.”
U.K. once again forcing self-isolation, face masks for Moronic variant

Javid has been pushing for months to mass inject children, by the way.
Long before the JCVI released this latest “advice,” Javid was demanding that children as young as 12 be “considered” for the injections as part of a “broader perspective” approach to the plandemic.
Javid waited to get the green light from the JCVI first so he could pass the blame off to them, but everyone who has been paying attention can clearly see that he has been wanting to jab children for quite some time now.
In addition to the four times yearly injections, Javid is also eager to impose new self-isolation and face mask policies, which commenced on Tuesday in response to the new “Omicron” (Moronic) variant.
England’s deputy chief medical officer Prof. Jonathan Van-Tam told a Downing Street briefing that Moronic is the “new kid on the block,” and that it was “always … the case that, at some point, we are going to get a variant that gives us heightened concern.”
“If vaccine effectiveness is reduced – as seems pretty likely, to some extent – the biggest effects are likely to be in preventing infections and, hopefully, there will be smaller effects in preventing severe disease,” he added.
Like Javid, Van-Tam’s solution to the alleged problem is “vaccine boosting,” which he called “the thing we can do most easily while we wait for that science mist to clear.”
Prof. Wei Shen Lim, chair of the JCVI, claims that getting injected as early as possible is the best way to get ahead of the next “wave” of the virus. The World Health Organization (WHO), not surprisingly, feels the same way.
Fake news outlets like the BBC are also perpetuating the lie that the booster shots “significantly increase the immune response” to the Fauci Flu, even though this has never actually been proven and is mere speculation.
Even so, the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) is working rapidly to deploy the boosters at “warp speed” to ensure that as many needles are getting into as many arms as possible.
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IT NEVER ENDS: U.K. says citizens will need “booster” shots every three months FOREVER in order to manage covid –