Farage Demolishes Europe's "Troll Patrol"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/08/2013 13:34 -0500

Whether it is Euro-Skeptic MEPs, tin-foil-hat-wearing bloggers, anarchic facebook-friends, or 'V-for-Vendetta'-atavar'd twitterati, the European Union is now engaging in a social media blast to"correct their misconceptions". In what appears to be a coordinated troll-patrol, Nigel Farage notes the "very very scared" leaders of the European Union are spending taxpayers money to counter growing skepticism at the unelected leaders dragging citizens into a United States of Europe. The outspoken British MEP makes it very clear he thinks this social media smear campaign is leading towards a 'mugabe-like' banana republic, as Europe's leaders, who he believes are the "most dangerous people in Europe in 70 years," are terrified at the citizenry's realization that none of this removal of sovereignty was ever voted for.

Banana Republic indeed...

Farage: PR against online critics makes EU no better than a banana republic - YouTube

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