No escape from the meat grinder: Zelensky signs tyrannical mobilization bill that lets no man escape

04/18/2024 // Ramon Tomey // 360 Views

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has affixed his signature to a tyrannical military mobilization law, which means all Ukrainian men can no longer escape the meat grinder.According to the legislation card publicly available on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's unicameral parliament, Zelensky signed the controversial measure on April 16. The nation's legislative body passed the bill earlier this month after a drawn-out debate over its contents.
"In a last-minute turn of events, its provisions became even stricter than originally proposed, with a demobilization clause withdrawn," noted InfoWars. "The adopted legislation effectively means that all draftees are set to remain in the military indefinitely."
According to the outlet, the indefinite service period was requested by Col. Gen. Oleksandr Syrsky, the new commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU). Syrsky is known for his willingness to put soldiers in harm's way to achieve his goals. Such a behavior has earned him the unsavory moniker of "The Butcher." (Related: New Ukrainian Armed Forces commander dubbed "THE BUTCHER" due to his penchant for putting troops in harm's way.)
The new law further simplifies draft procedures, with all Ukrainians obliged to "update data" on themselves with the military authorities within 60 days after the measure takes effect. Ukrainians living abroad no longer have any reason to defer their military service, as the provision applies to them as well. Moreover, all individuals aged 18 to 60 eligible for military service must now always carry their military ID at all times.
The legislation also introduces new penalties for breaches, including fines and suspension of a driver’s permit. A conscription notice is now considered to be delivered to a draftee, even if conscription officers fail to meet them in person at their residence and actually hand them their notice – sarcastically dubbed the "love letter." The police can also forcibly deliver a suspected draft dodger to an enlistment office should a draftee fail to show up on being deemed to have received their conscription notice.
New law rebuked for its lack of demobilization mechanisms

"Kyiv has maintained its mobilization drive since the early days of the conflict with Russia," InfoWars continued. "The mobilization effort grew increasingly chaotic and lawless over time, with numerous videos circulating online showing Ukrainian enlistment officers chasing potential soldiers in the streets, violently detaining them, beating them up and so on. Senior Ukrainian officials, however, have routinely dismissed concerns over mounting violations as Russian propaganda."
"Critics of the legislation have been arguing it will only drive a wedge between the Ukrainian authorities and ordinary people. It has also reportedly received a poor reception within the military itself, given the lack of any demobilization mechanisms. A demobilization procedure is expected to be introduced in separate legislation, though it remains unclear when exactly such a bill could materialize."
Historian Tarek Cyril Amar commented on the new law in an April 13 op-ed published in Russia Today, three days before Zelensky signed the mobilization edict.
"Perhaps the single worst disappointment is that the law does not include a hard rule for demobilization, which is what everyone expected. Yet opening a way out for at least some of [the Ukrainian soldiers] is what did not happen. Instead, the Zelensky regime has dared come out with a law that only takes but gives nothing back," Amar wrote.
"[Even] more Ukrainians are open to ending the war by making concessions, yet the Zelensky regime is doubling down. Instead of entering serious negotiations, … it is seeking to throw more lives into a war that has become a meat grinder for Ukrainian troops."
Watch this video of Ukrainian recruitment officers in the central city of Poltava beating up a young man who is resisting the draft.

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