Not a single gun magazine has been turned in to NJ state police… citizens are arming up against a government they no longer trust to protect them

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) After constitutional conservatives managed to roll back existing gun control legislation while stopping new bills from getting passed in recent years, the [un]Democratic Left is now working ‘round the clock to impose new restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms, despite the fact that the Second Amendment guarantees the right “shall not be infringed.”

One of those enclaves is New Jersey, where Democrats have implemented what is becoming a standard anti-gun tactic: Depriving gun owners of the right carry as much ammunition as they feel is appropriate to defend themselves.
Specifically, as reported by Ammoland, the state’s authoritarians passed legislation last year banning standard-issue magazines for rifles and handguns that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. After a grace period, any gun owners who still had standard-issue mags that hold more than 10 rounds were required to turn them over to state police.
But that hasn’t happened. In fact, according to data provided via a Freedom of Information Act request, as of this writing not a single magazine has been turned in, and that shouldn’t have happened, Ammoland notes, based on the number of gun-owning New Jersey residents:
There are an estimated one million gun owners with standard capacity magazines (10+ rounds) in the State of New Jersey, bringing an estimated number of magazines holding more than ten rounds to around ten million. Some estimates even have this number being higher.
When New Jersey passed a law making these magazines illegal in 2018, there was a debate on whether the gun owners of the state would hand in their magazines. When the law went into effect at the end of last year, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Attorney General Gurbir Grewal celebrated it as a victory against gun rights advocates.
The gun news site reported that it has contacted several police departments around the Garden State to see how many magazines had been turned in to be destroyed. “Local departments were quick to confirm that they did not receive any magazines turned in by the citizens of New Jersey. The State Police would not comment on the record on the number of magazines turned in by residents.” (Related: Study: Weapon magazine bans do NOTHING to decrease fatal shootings, which also proves that Democrats just want to disarm us, period.)
Citizens aren’t about to give away their ability to defend themselves…against their government

However, off the record, State Police sources told the news site that no magazines have been turned in thus far. It took multiple FOIA requests, but finally, the State Police responded and confirmed that no magazines have been retrieved from the citizenry.
That can only mean a couple of things: 1) There are no magazines in the state with a capacity of more than 10 rounds; 2) there are, but residents aren’t turning them in because they are keeping them for a ‘just in case’ scenario; or 3) residents don’t trust their state government leaders.
Citizens around the country are also flatly refusing to observe gun magazine bans.
Ammoland noted earlier that New Jersey residents were openly mocking Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy on Internet message boards and Facebook groups regarding the ban and the requirement to turn in 10+-standard issue magazines. “This revelation feeds into the narrative that the new law was just a ploy to please the governor’s anti-gun base,” the news site noted.
What’s more, Grewal’s office has yet to explain how the magazine ban will be enforced or if it’s even enforceable. All questions in this regard were dismissed with the usual excuse of “not discussing law enforcement tactics” with the media.
So far, there haven’t been any charges levied against New Jersey residents regarding the ban, either. And short of going from door to door, there really is no practical way of enforcing this ban.
But these are Democrats, so there is a high amount of arrogance associated with gun laws. Forcing cops to go from door to door to enforce this unconstitutional ban is still likely.
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