Obama’s CIA ginned up the entire Trump-Russia conspiracy, say Matt Taibbi: WATCH

02/18/2024 // Ethan Huff // 430 Views

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After his investigative partner Michael Shellenberger appeared with Jesse Watters on Fox News this week to break the news, journalist Matt Taibbi of Racket News also joined Watters to further delineate on the bombshell allegations concerning the Obama regime's efforts to impede Donald Trump from getting elected in 2016.
In case you missed it, we covered Shellenberger's interview with Watters in an earlier article, and now you will get to hear what Taibbi had to say about what was uncovered.
We now know that Barack Obama's CIA worked with two-time failed presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton's foreign agents in London to contrive the Russian collusion the hoax. This ultimately led to the FBI investigation Trump and his campaign with illegal wiretapping, a sting on Michael Flynn, and later the Comey firing after Trump found out about the whole thing.
"And then Comey leaks the memos which triggers the Mueller investigation," Watters explains in the below segment. "Now the Mueller investigation was designed to cover up for Obama and Hillary and tee up impeachment. It failed on impeachment, but the coverup worked – until now."

CIA helped trigger Trump-Russia probe: Matt Taibbi (youtube.com)

Biden's impeachable offenses against Trump

Based on the information they obtained through investigations, Shellenberger and Taibbi determined that this whole thing was a "broad political espionage campaign" involving many sectors of the D.C. swamp.
Why none of it came up in the Durham investigation has to do with the fact that said investigation "was limited to a few areas and that he wasn't looking in this particular direction," Taibbi told Watters.
In essence, the D.C. establishment's intelligence community cooked the books, so to speak, inventing a false narrative about Russia using some kind of influence campaign to get Trump elected. It turns out the whole thing was faked by Obama, Hillary, et al. to try to stop Trump from winning.
"It's a WMD (weapons of mass destruction)-style story," Taibbi said. "They suppressed dissenting opinions and created a false narrative."
Concerning the binder that Shellenberger spoke about prior, Taibbi revealed that there could actually be as many as three binders somewhere out there. The full extent of what they contain remains unknown, but Taibbi did confirm that a report was compiled about the intelligence community's assessment of what happened. That report allegedly never left the ground of Langley.
"It's a 17- to 20-page report that was confirmed by multiple sources," Taibbi explained.
Beyond that, there could be binders out there as many reports are now claiming. And Taibbi says that there is certainly a lot more details about what went on in the Russian collusion hoax that are hiding out there unknown to the public.
"There are thousands of hours of investigation and their conclusions have not yet been declassified," he added.
This explains why the powers that be do not want Trump to return to the white house in 2025 because if he does, he will absolutely blow the lid on everything – and they cannot let that happen or else they are toast.
Watters and Taibbi also addressed another pertinent matter that could spell an end to Biden's presidency.
"Redacted FOIA documents suggest that Biden has been conspiring against Donald Trump with the intelligence community to prosecute the former president in federal court, which would be an impeachable offense," Watters revealed.
"Commenting on the matter, one viewer wrote that it is obvious Biden "is rotten to the core," adding that he hopes Taibbi and Shellenberger's hard work will pay off and lead to justice someday.
As the Russian collusion hoax continues to be exposed and unravel, we will keep you abreast of the latest at Trump.news.
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Obama’s CIA ginned up the entire Trump-Russia conspiracy, say Matt Taibbi: WATCH – NaturalNews.com