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    Oklahoma Beheading: Have Our Prisons Become Jihad Factories? (UPDATED)

    Oklahoma Beheading: Have Our Prisons Become Jihad Factories? (UPDATED)

    September 26th, 2014 - 5:05 pm
    by Roger L Simon

    We don’t know details yet of the murder of a woman at Vaughan Foods — an Oklahoma distribution center — by a co-worker, but we do know that it was a beheading and we do know the alleged suspect — Alton Nolen, 30 — was a new convert to Islam.

    We also know that other workers at Vaughan say the suspect had tried to convert them to that religion.

    Some MSM outlets are emphasizing that the suspect was recently fired (it’s workplace violence, doncha know?), but the number of firings that lead to revenge beheadings is minuscule. In fact, I don’t know of any previous. But we don’t have to look too far back, not more than a day or two, to find a popular motivation for beheadings in general — jihad.

    Was Nolen motivated by jihad or workplace revenge or a cocktail of both? Probably both. He had a checkered past. He had been convicted in January 2011 of “multiple drug offenses, assault and battery on a police officer and escape from detention,” according to state records. He was released from prison in March 2013.

    We don’t know the extent to which Nolen’s conversion to Islam occurred in prison, although it is highly likely most of it did. This is surely worth investigating. Such conversions are a monumental powder keg in the process of going off. From Wikipedia:
    J. Michael Waller claims that Muslim inmates comprise 17-20% of the prison population in New York, or roughly 350,000 inmates in 2003. He also claims that 80% of the prisoners who “find faith” while in prison convert to Islam.[1] These converted inmates are mostly African American, with a small but growing Hispanic minority.[2] Waller also asserts that many converts are radicalized by outside Islamist groups linked to terrorism, but other experts suggest that when radicalization does occur it has little to no connection with these outside interests.[3][4][5]
    Oh, really? Or should I say, “What difference does it make?” Those “other experts” are being naïve or tendentious. It’s not as if the Islamic extremist playbooks are a secret. They are the basic texts of the religion itself, studied by all adherents in or outside prison, in large groups or by themselves. These same texts call for the extermination or, at best, dhimmitude of the infidel who does not convert. So the behavior of the ummah is regulated across borders. You don’t have to be a card-carrying member of ISIL to know how to behead. Anyone can do it.

    This makes our prisons veritable training grounds — petri dishes, if you will — for fanatic killers of the type of the Oklahoma suspect, not to mention recruitment centers for whatever murderous Islamic sect happens to be in vogue that week or month. The only difference between New York and Oklahoma prisons would be one of scale.

    A Justice Department report criticized the prison system for “failing to protect against ‘infiltration by religious extremists’”. But that report was way back in 2004. The situation is unquestionably much worse now.

    Furthermore, the report exonerated “radical chaplains,” placing the blame on “extremist inmates running worship services.” I’m skeptical. The entire system must be examined, including every chaplain. The New York State system had a chaplain (Imam Warith Deen Umara) who praised the September 11 attacks. The Oklahoma beheading makes a complete public investigation mandatory.

    The more difficult question, however, is what to do after the investigation, if the results are as they seem. Banning Islam from our prisons for inciting violence might backfire in a way that would engender even more conversions. Still, jihadism in it essence advocates the violent overthrow of the U.S. government, with which it is incompatible. Should we allow such a thing inside prison? The conventional answer is to seek out “moderate” Islamic chaplains to counter the extremists. But where are such people and, more specifically, where have they been? Other than the extraordinary Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, the outspoken moderates are an extremely scarce commodity.

    Nevertheless something must be done now to prevent our prisons form becoming Jihad Factories. They’re already more than halfway there.

    UPDATE: The following response came into me at Twitter regarding the question in the title – Have our prisons become Jihad Factories?

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    Sleeping Giant’ … New CAN Video Exposes Islamic Radicalization in American Prisons

    By Martin Mawyer

    When I learned that President Obama had released the five most notorious jihadists from the prison at Guantanamo Bay in exchange for an Army deserter, I reacted as many Americans did: I was horrified to think these savages were being put back into circulation by our own president.

    Our recently released video exposé, “Sleeping Giant: Islam Behind the Wall,” demonstrates in shocking detail what President Obama seems not to understand—that prison itself is an incubator for radical Islam.

    From top left: Khairullah Khairkhwa, Mohammad Fazl, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Mohammed Nabi, and Norullah Noori, center.

    There is much more to the story of these Gitmo Five than just the near-certain prospect that they will soon all be back on the battlefield engaged in acts of terrorism against us. Islamists cannot be given the freedom to become more virulent in their ideology inside our prisons, only to be set free to commit more jihad. That is suicide. And that’s exactly what’s happening in America’s prisons.

    In making our video “Sleeping Giant,” I had the opportunity to interview a convicted felon who spent years in several of America’s most infamous state prisons. It was an eye-opening interview that left me both shaken and convinced that America is literally teeming with radicalized ex-cons who leave prison better equipped and more willing to harm us than when they went in.

    Zoran , of Serbian descent, is an American citizen who landed in prison after a felony conviction. After seeing how powerful the Muslim gangs are in prison, he decided to infiltrate them.

    “I wanted them to think I hated the government, and that I hated America,” he said.

    When I met Zoran, he was covered in some frightening tattoos, most of them obtained in prison. Some were in the Serbian language advertising his gang affiliations. Others were marks of his accomplishments in the martial arts. He is tall, muscular and strong—perfect for a Muslim gang.

    “They look at a prisoner’s physique, to see if he is strong,” Zorn explained, “but they also look for a weak individual, someone who needs food, a sense of family, who needs someone to help them.

    “They present a sign of hope” to these lost prisoners, he said.

    “They ask, ‘Do you need to make a call? Here’s a cell phone, you have five minutes,’” Said Zoran. “If you need drugs, pornographic material, cigarettes, they’ll provide it. And they’ll hold these things for you so you don’t get in trouble with the guards.”

    According to Zoran, Muslims in our prisons “control everything. They have everything on lockdown—the jobs, the drugs, the guards, everything.”

    Zoran was stunned to see that radical Islamic ideology—including guerilla combat techniques—is taught right in the prisons without any monitoring from the prison authorities.

    “One day they saw me practicing some (martial arts) moves,” he said. “They decided I should teach advanced combatives to their Muslim gang members.”

    Zoran also explained that books teaching radical Islamic ideology are smuggled into the prisons with ease. Books like “The Anarchist Cookbook”—a murder manual that teaches radicals how to make bombs and other weapons—enters the prisons in the Arabic language in plain bindings so that prison officials and guards think it is the Koran, or other Islamic teachings.

    Zoran also learned how to defraud America’s welfare system from his Muslim mentors in prison. “They teach you unemployment fraud, Social Security fraud,” he said. A big scam in the prisons is the illegal use of “green dot” pre-paid cards. Friends and family on the outside help the prisoners use false Social Security numbers to load hundreds of dollars onto the cards so they can be used in the prisons to buy anything the prisoners need—including illegal drugs.

    One of Zoran’s most shocking admissions was that the Muslim gangs don’t just stop their indoctrination once the prisoner is let out. They are persuaded to make immediate contact with Islamic communities and mosques on the outside, where they can continue their Islamic jihad training.
    Zoran said his Muslim mentors in prison specifically directed him to Islamic guerilla training compounds in Virginia, Georgia and New York as places where he could go for jihadist training when he left the prison system. These training camps have been identified as Muslims of the Americas (MOA) compounds.

    MOA has been identified by the FBI as a terrorist organization in America which also runs compounds in a number of other states.

    Shoe bomber Richard Reid.

    MOA is known to have recruited many of its members from America’s prisons. One of the most notorious prison converts to Islam, who also had connections to MOA, is “shoe bomber” Richard Reid, who was radicalized in a British prison. Reid tried to blow up an airplane with a bomb in his shoe that failed to properly detonate in 2001, en route from Paris to Miami.

    Once Muslim gang members in prison have indoctrinated other prisoners into the Islamic ideology, they begin training them for jihad. Zoran’s advanced experience in martial arts techniques attracted him to Muslim gang members when he was in prison.

    “They wanted me to teach advanced combat at these camps” when he got out of prison, Zoran said.

    This amazing and eye-opening interview with Zoran is included on a DVD released by Christian Action Network entitled: “Sleeping Giant: Islam Behind the Wall.”

    The Rise of Prison Conversions

    In 2003 about 20 percent of the prison population was estimated to be Muslim. At least 80 percent of the prisoners who “find faith” in prison convert to Islam. Most of them are black, but a growing number are Hispanic.

    In a 2004 report issued by the Justice Department, the nation’s federal and state prison systems were faulted for failing to protect against “infiltration by religious extremists.” That failure is obviously continuing to this day.

    Some other notable converts to Islam in prison include Malcolm X, the so-called civil rights activist; Abdul Alim Musa, a Muslim-American activist; B.G. Knocc Out, a black rapper; Charles Brooks, Jr. , a convicted murderer who converted to Islam before his execution; Flesh N Bone, a member of the rap group Bone Thugs N Harmony; H. Rap Brown, a former Black Panther who is currently in prison for murdering a police officer; Jeff Fort, a former Chicago gang leader who was convicted in 1987 of conspiring with Libya to perform acts of domestic terrorism; José Padilla, who was convicted of aiding terrorists in the “Dirty Bomb” plot; Kevin James, ringleader of the 2005 Los Angeles bomb plot; Mike Tyson, former heavyweight boxing champion; Bernard Hopkins, former middleweight and light heavyweight boxing champion; and many others.

    Recently, Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that “Three dozen U.S. citizens who converted to Islam while in prison have traveled to Yemen, possibly for al Qaeda training.”

    “Organized crime is small compared to their operations” in American prisons, said Zoran. “Their master plan is numbers.” The more converts they make in prison, the more Islamists enter the free world to do their bidding—jihad.
    To view a trailer of the film “Sleeping Giant” click here.

    Sleeping Giant - Islam Behind Bars - Trailer

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    Note the had signal.

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    by JOHN SEXTON 26 Sep 2014 1637POST A COMMENT

    Alton Nolen, the man authorities believe is responsible for a brutal beheading in Moore, Oklahoma Thursday, posted an image which seemed to justify beheading on his Facebook page earlier this year.

    Nolen posted on Facebook under the name Jah'Keem Yisrael. Over the past year, most of his posts deal with Islam. He writes short statements which are signed off with the phrase "****InfoFromAMuslim****."

    On March 7th, Nolen added an image to his Timeline which shows a partially decapitated man with someone standing over him pulling his head back to show the wound. Above the image there is a quote which reads, "Thus do we find the clear precedent that explains the peculiar penchant of Islamic terrorists to behead their victims: it is merely another precedent bestowed by their Prophet." Just below the image is a citation from the Quran, "I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off of them."

    The image is actually taken from a 2008 Power Point presentation. The Power Point, titled The Perfect Man, is intended to present a stark (and gruesome) contrast between Mohammed and Jesus on a number of issues, with the creators of the Power Point clearly favoring the latter. This slide is just one of several which feature severed heads.

    The same day Nolen added the beheading photo he posted a photo to his timeline with which shows a black and white sign that reads: "Islam will Dominate the World: Freedom can go to hell."

    Finally, on the same day (March 7th) Nolen changed his cover photo to an image of jihadists holding rifles and rocket launchers. He wrote, "With killers and booom."

    A month after posting these photos, Nolen was released early from his probation for convictions he received in 2011. The probation was scheduled to end in 2017.

    There are a number of other similar posts on Nolen's Facebook page. On March 2nd, heposted a collage of Islamic women fighters. He wrote, "Some of my Muslim sisters... Its [sic] real in the Field when it comes down to God Allah the one and only and the Quran." Another photo of male Islamic fighters has the caption, "Some of my Muslim Brothers!!!!!"

    Reports have suggested that Nolen had sought to convert some of his fellow workers at Vaughn Foods. It's clear from Nolen's Facebook page that he did seek converts. On May 30th, he posted a photo of a young man holding his finger in the air. The caption beside the photo reads, "One whom was Guided to Islam 2day I offered him Dawah and he took his shahada!" Dawah is proselytizing and the shahada is the Muslim confession of faith.

    In the following months, Nolen posted several photos of himself in prayer or spending time with other Muslims at the Oklahoma City mosque. His final post published Tuesday was a warning about the last days. He wrote (in all caps):


    Watch VIDEO AT LINK.

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