An open letter to the citizens of the United States of America

March 18, 2012 by ppjg

by Alan R. Adaschik

An open letter to the citizens of the United States of America

Presently, this nation is in the midst of the most important election in history and most Americans have no knowledge of its significance. We truly are at a crossroad and the primary issue on hand is whether or not our Republic will be restored or if we will remain a nation beholden to and controlled by the New World Order. Our choice is clear. Vote for Ron Paul who stands for a government defined by and subservient to our Constitution or vote for a candidate who secretly swears allegiance to the New World Order.

I am sure that most people will take issue with the above paragraph. For the past eighteen years I have tried to wakeup my fellow Americans to the truth with no success. Apparently, all I have accomplished is convince others that I am out-of-touch with reality. Of late, I have been so frustrated I gave up and tried to focus my attention on other unimportant pursuits. However, I still found myself pondering what could be done to change things. It finally occurred to me that for others to believe what I believe, they would have to walk down a path similar to mine. With this in mind, I developed a list of questions about events which have shaped and define the world we live in today. These questions are the key which opens the door to the truth, but they will only have value if people care enough to find the correct answers.

Being an American presupposes an obligation to be informed. An informed electorate is an important requisite for both a Republic and a Representative Democracy. The following list of questions hold the keys to understanding where we are and how we got here. A majority of Americans will not be able to readily answer most of these questions. Furthermore, many of them are about obscure events no longer in the public eye. However, the answers are worth seeking because knowing the truth really will set us free. Unfortunately, too many of us care little about what is being done to us and place far more value on knowing who is on Dancing With the Stars. This is why our oppressors are having their way with us, this is why writing this article is an exercise in futility, and this is why Ron Paul, the only candidate running who has a history of working to restore our Republic, will not be our next President.

1. What is the Federal Reserve Bank, how does it function, and who owns it?

2. What services does the Federal Reserve Bank provide to this nation and how much do we pay for these services?

3. The Federal Reserve Act was passed by Congress in 1913. What were the developments and actions which led to passage of this act?

4. How well has the Federal Reserve lived up to the promises it made to Congress when the Federal Reserve Act was being considered?

5. In 1913, Amendment XVI was allegedly added to our Constitution and it authorized a tax on income. However, a tax on income and a tax on wages earned through labor are two different things. Was Amendment XVI properly ratified according to law and did it really authorize a tax on the wages of working Americans?

6. Why did a tax on the salaries of American workers become necessary in 1913 when it was never needed before?

7. In 1913, Amendment XVII was added to our Constitution. This Amendment provided for the direct election of national Senators by citizens in lieu of their being appointed by their respective state legislators. If this change was beneficial, why didn’t the Founding Fathers provide for such a state of affairs in our original Constitution? What effect did this change have upon the power structure of our government?

8. The three preceding developments which happened in 1913, made significant changes to how we are governed. Is it a coincidence that that these changes happened in the same period of time or are they related and tied together in some manner? Are the changes, when considered together, significant enough to constitute a change in the kind of government we live under? What is the difference between a federal government and a national government?

9. In 1917, why did the United States choose sides and enter what essentially was a European conflict of no pressing interest to us and by so doing, turn a limited war into World War I?

10. Why did England issue its Balfour Declaration supporting the establishment of a homeland for the Jews in Palestine approximately four months after the United States entered WWI? Did England have any right or authority to approve forcing the Palestinians to give up their territory? How would the British feel and react if the United States gave France the right to takeover their country?

11. Why did the Treaty of Versailles severely punish Germany after it was defeated by the allies in 1918, especially in consideration of the facts that Germany did not start the war, was winning prior to United States becoming involved, and in 1916 issued a peace proclamation which offered the warring nations peace with honor?

12. Was there any anti-Semitism worthy of note evident in Germany prior to WWI?

13. Prior to WWI, German society was the most sophisticated in all of Europe and German proficiency in science and the arts was without parallel anywhere else in the world, including the United States. In consideration of how intelligent and cultured the German people were, why did so many Germans become anti-Semites and why did they allow the Nazi Party and a madman like Adolph Hitler to come to power?

14. Why did the Zionist movement to establish the state of Israel in Palestine support the Nazi Party and Adolph Hitler’s rise to power in Germany after WWI?

15. Why did a conference of world Jewry, held in Amsterdam in 1933, declare war on Germany and why did Natscha Retsch, a Jewish newspaper, declare that the purpose of this world wide Jewish war was to totally destroy Germany?

16. Why did President Johnson cease printing United States Treasury Notes, a practice initiated by President Kennedy before he was assassinated? Why has no other president since Kennedy printed U.S. Treasury Notes when doing so is to our benefit and would save us huge amounts of interest on our national debt?

17. During the Six Days War between Israel and Egypt in 1967, why did President Johnson refuse to allow United States forces to come to the aid of the USS Liberty when it was being attacked by Israeli jets and torpedo boats?

18. During the Six Days War in 1967, why were American airplanes airborne and armed with nuclear bombs to be dropped on Cairo recalled prior to completing their mission?

19. Why did the United States, where the separation of church and state is enshrined within our Constitution, ignore this important governing principle when it supported establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine in 1948?

20. Today, Arab terrorism is a fact of life. What are the reasons why some Arabs resort to terrorism? Is the evil that terrorists do the product of deranged minds or is the situation more complex than this?

21. Should American foreign policy be driven by what makes sense and is fair or by continually repeating the mistakes we have made in the past?

22. The New World Order is a fact of life, yet no one really knows who runs it or how it functions. Worse than this, no one elects representatives to the New World Order and despite this, a majority of the world’s leaders pay homage to this nefarious secretive organization. Presidents George Bush, Sr. and Bill Clinton actually had the nerve to endorse the New World Order and urge Americans to accept its authority. Under our Constitution, how is it possible for a government official to honor their oath of office while supporting and paying homage to a group of amoral megalomaniacs who think their vast wealth gives them license to rule and corrupt the entire world?

23. The United States is presently thought of as being a Democracy. How is it possible for this nation to be a Democracy if major and important decisions which affect us are made by an unknown group of people not elected by anybody?

24. The Founders gave us a Republic which we swear allegiance to in our Pledge of Allegiance. It is our Republic which made this nation the greatest in all of history. Today, most Americans have no clue as to what a Republic is and wrongfully think we are a Democracy. However, if we live subservient to an un-democratic New Word Order, which we do, and this New World Order has rendered our Constitution dysfunctional, which it has, then where do we get the moral authority to wage war against other nations and force upon them the illegal and hypocritical kind of government we have?

Many of you will probably take issue with the conclusion that the government of the United States of America is an ‘illegal’ government. However, the simple truth of the matter is that any government which does not adhere to or abide by the laws contained within the instrument of its creation, is illegal. How can any other conclusion be reached? A constitution is a compilation of the highest and most sacred laws of a nation. If these laws are ignored by those sworn to obey and uphold them, then these people are criminals and the government they occupy is a criminal enterprise. This is true even if we elect them to the office they hold. Elections do not legitimize criminality.

Presently, Ron Paul is the only candidate who is committed to honoring his oath of office by working to restore our Republic. In light of this, it is reasonable to conclude that voting for any other candidate sanctions and gives license to tyranny. Unfortunately, most Americans today, have no clue as to what they are doing. At sporting and other events, they solemnly pledge allegiance to our Republic and then drive more nails into its coffin every time they enter an election booth. Isn’t it time for a real change? Today, Americans cry out for change never stopping to look in the mirror to see where the change is needed most.

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