Out of Bounds: Democrats Bully NFL, NHL, MLB & NBA Into Pushing Manmade Global Warming Agenda

Kyle Becker
On November 22, 2013


This is not about the “science” of manmade global warming, which has been debunked more times than the Marines at Parris Island. It is about the world of professional sports being threatened by shameless politicians who won’t take no for an answer.

The Democrat Party wrangled the execs of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB into a secretive closed-door meeting Thursday in order to push the political agenda of manmade global warming. This is extremely disconcerting – regardless of the merits of the cause at hand.

Politico reported innocuously on Thursday:

Rep. Henry Waxman of California and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island are slated to meet Thursday with officials from most of the country’s major sports leagues, including Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League and the National Football League. [...]

Waxman and Whitehouse co-chair the Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change, which is a group of lawmakers who advocate for tackling [non-existent] global warming.

Thursday’s closed-door meeting, which will be followed by a press conference, stemmed from a series of 300 letters the task force sent to businesses and other groups in January asking for input on what the federal government should do to address the growing threat of climate change.

The MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL all responded to the letters, according to the lawmakers’ offices, which said they plan to “recognize these organizations for taking the threat of climate change seriously and doing their part to reduce GHG emissions.”

The political agenda of global warming is predicated on fear and on bullying skeptics into silence. Well, gold stickers for the attempt, fellas. So what do these global warming shills do when they run into an apathetic public that has been hearing the same-old, wandering schizo-apocalyptos from the usual suspects? Try to get the low-info crowd sucked into it by pressuring Hollywood actors and pop divas and famous sports athletes to pump out the propaganda – even though none of them are experts on the subject.

The hypocrisy of some of these jet-setting multi-billionaire celebs pushing the 19th century throwback class warfare narrative, the need for wealth redistribution and the “imminent” threat of manmade climate change (that they promptly ignore travelling around the world and cashing in at huge public events) is beyond laughable; it’s exceeded the capacity for satire.

It is otherworldly how absolute bonzo full of bullocks these asinine celebrities and their Democrat Party gladhandlers have become as their bald-faced quest to defraud the American people of ever-more dollars surpasses even Mt. Everest in the monumental size of its stacked-up bullshit.

So you come home after a hard week of work, half those days spent earning taxes to support the insatiable national government and its hangers-on, and you click on the game of your favorite football team. In between Bob Costas rambling about gun control, the pseudo-newsworthy hysteria about locker-room “bullying,” the concussion phobia, the pink-gloved peacock show, and soon, environmental “sustainability” advisories – pray tell when the hell is a working stiff supposed to relax?
Why professional sports, you Democratic malcontents? And more specifically, why the NFL (which seems particularly to be under assault by the Political Correctness brownshirts)?

There is practically nothing more conceivably antithetical to the left’s worldview than American football. The left is therefore working to co-opt the NFL and put it in the service of its political agenda.

The last remaining conservative bastions — the military and professional sports — are presently under assault by leftists who cannot stand to leave these exemplars of patriotism and capitalist competition alone. So football fans better keep their heads on a swivel.

Remember how the political correctness police banned Rush Limbaugh from partial ownership of the St. Louis Rams? And recall how Hank Williams Jr. was banned from Monday Night Football for his anti-Obama rant? You can tell what political “team” the NFL management is picking nowadays.

We have numerous subtle assaults on the game, such as the overwrought attempt to protect football players from the real effects of concussions, as if NFL players have no choice how they use their bodies for a living (i.e. violently, while making millions of dollars).

Ridiculously enough, we have Obama posing with football players and teams, but telling The New Republic he’s not sure he’d allow his son to play football. I mean, that’s hypocrisy on whole new level of stupid. Here is the wimpiest looking guy in the world implying football’s too manly a game for coming generations of boys? What does he want, a nation full of wirey, video-game playing weaklings? Don’t answer that.

But let’s get down to brass tacks. The political left is targeting the NFL and watering down its cultural significance, because the NFL represents a defiance of the socialist narrative virtually en toto.

Is it really necessary to make 300 pound football players wear pink wristbands and ribbons for a month to show solidarity with breast cancer victims? Just cut a check for a million dollars and be done with it. Besides, it’s not like prostate cancer isn’t afflicting hundreds of thousands of men.

Sorry, I’ve been a football fanatic my whole life, and I know bullshit when I see it. My first words in life (no joking) were “football you bet.” I know the game. I know the political left. And I know when the latter is mucking up the former, just like it does everything else.

Professional football is an inherently conservative institution. Teaching both individual greatness and teamwork, football brings out the best in men through competition.

Heck, most NFL franchise owners donate Republican, which is no fait accompli in this crony capitalist climate. Nonetheless, the National Football League is a “non-profit”organization (that’s right) – giving the government significant leverage over its money and messaging. The kind that the government might want to keep behind closed doors.

Does anyone think that leftists fail to grasp how important professional football is to American culture? The NFL has all the traits that effete modern liberals despise. There is capitalism, manliness, and competition – making the league a perennial institution of solid American values so provocative that neomarxist shock-troops cannot help but try to co-opt it.

Best of all, in football, results matter. This makes a football game a test of two teams: There is a superior team and an inferior team on any given Sunday. This black or white, up or down way of evaluating superiority clashes mightily with the left’s morally relativist worldview.

The National Football League is also a powerful indictment of the myth that there are two classes in a capitalist society, the haves and the have-nots, and that the former class unremittingly and perpetually exploits the latter. Professional football players come from all socioeconomic backgrounds (in fact usually lower and middle class ones) and they work their butts off to make the most of their talent; there is no free ride, and no excuses here.

The NFL, without any affirmative action policy and simply through the standard of open competition, confirms an argument that conservatives have been making for years: That a true market is colorblind. In the NFL, the rule is simple: Either you are a great football player or you are a fan.

Football players sell themselves and their unique set of skills to the NFL – and if successful, they become millionaires. The ultimate reason they become millionaires? Because the middle class has the time, the technological means, and the money to financially support the game. Not For Long if the NFL keeps pushing the left’s political agenda instead of selling how entertaining the game is.

The NFL constitutes a running threat to the leftist narrative. The leftwing march through all the institutions of the culture in order to subvert the economy continues, and professional sports is merely the last of American bastions to resist the left’s creeping program.

The National Football League showed the good judgment (for the most part) of rejecting the Obama administration’s pressure to promote the disastrous ObamaCare program. Maybe good sense can prevail again on this seemingly harmless, but potentially disastrous environmentalist crusade.

Here’s a hail Mary, keep the ubiquitous President Obama and his left-wing program out of my Sundays. SHARE this article if you agree, and keep the heat on these sports leagues!

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