They did that fast almost like they were ready for it. They are just like vultures. JMO


by BRANDON DARBY 16 Dec 2012,
While the relatives of the children killed by a madman at Sandy Hook elementary school were being notified by authorities, over 100,000 left-of-center Americans joined hands with Democratic Party leaders in politicizing the children's deaths.

Think Progress, the controversial organization funded by George Soros to promote and elect politicians from the Democratic Party, began pushing for policy changes and attacking conservative groups by helping promote an online petition calling for restrictions on the second amendment. Over 100,000 liberals and other left-of-center Americans joined in and signed.

As coroners were receiving the children's bodies from the mass murder, Democratic Party leaders and their groups like Think Progress saw the opportunity and seized the moment. Restrictive gun laws have been a top political priority for the groups’ supporters for years.

Obama gave a moving and beautiful speech after the tragedy, however, holistic civil rights supporters were concerned by three issues after his speech. He made the appropriate statement that he would “take meaningful action” to curtail gun violence. However, his close associates and allies in the Democratic Party have begun beating the drum to seize the opportunity and wave of emotion to restrict gun ownership. Historically Obama has expressed strong anti-second amendment views in regards to how to curtail gun violence.

Democratic Congressional Rep. Carolyn Maloney and Jerrold Nadler have stepped out as the chief exploiters of the tragedy and begun calling for the policy changes that Obama has previously advocated.

Rep. Maloney appeared on the far Left outlet CurrentTV and spoke with disgraced former Democratic New York governor and recently serviced-by-a-hooker Eliot Spitzer. She stated:

And we should figure out how to get it to the floor and have that debate and take it back to the voters and let them decide: ’Are you going to continue to vote for people who are going to allow this gun violence?’ We have more guns per capita than any country on Earth and we have the violence to show for it.

Rep. Maloney’s implications were clear: Blame the conservative political candidates for Sandy Hook, as they are the “people who are going to allow this gun violence.”

It remains unclear whether or not Obama will directly politicize the tragedy and deaths of the children or if it will be continued only by his Democratic Party proxies and their supporters.

Over 100,000 Liberals Join Democrats to Politicize Child Massacre