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    Pennsylvania Car Explosion Kills 3 | military members who were in Afghanistan & Iraq

    So you military members who were in Afghanistan and Iraq take a good look at this damage. What do you think?

    If it looks like a
    VBIED it probably is

    Pennsylvania Car Explosion Kills Three

    By Faye Higbee
    Posted September 30, 2018 In Domestic

    At around 9:30 p.m. Saturday a car exploded in a Central area of Allentown, Pennsylvania, prompting a shelter in place order. Three males were killed in the explosion, which ripped the car in half.


    Lehigh County Coroner Scott Grim confirmed at a press conference that three males were deceased from the incident. Initial reports stated that one person was killed and two injured.
    Lehigh County District Attorney James B. Martin stated, “We have a high degree of confidence that the perpetrator was probably killed in the incident.”
    Police stated that it was an “isolated incident” and there was no further danger to the people of Allentown.The FBI and ATF were on scene and participating in the investigation.
    Speculation ran amok on Twitter from people who were convinced it was just “a battery explosion” to Islamic Terrorists and a VBIED
    (vehicle borne improvised explosive device). The fact that police are calling it a criminal incident likely means a car bomb.
    The Coroner stated he would release the names of the deceased probably Monday.
    A bus station became a “makeshift command center with armored vehicles, dozens of police cruisers, mobile command units and even portable bathrooms,” according to Fox. Portable tents were set up for processing evidence.

    Screenshot via Mike Hunter Facebook

    The Morning Call reported:
    Stephanie Connley of Allentown ran out of a corner store on Seventh Street to see what happened. She said she saw smoke and carnage around the car that had exploded.
    “Fire everywhere,” she said.
    The explosion reverberated beyond the block. It shook The Morning Call building, which is about a block and a half from the scene. A man said he felt the jolt half a mile away on Fourth and Gordon streets.
    And on Facebook, people from other parts of the Allentown and even outside the city’s borders said they heard or felt the boom.


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    Fox News

    At least one person was killed after a car exploded Saturday night in Pennsylvania's third-largest city, drawing a massive law enforcement response and involvement of federal officials.

    Three men killed in Pennsylvania car explosion, officials say

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