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    Angry Pissed off American Citizen-

    Well, I have just about had my fill of all this political self serving handout mentality that the USA has gotten its self into in the country and around the world. It seems that every dam time there is some type of disaster, attack, violent attacks on people we jump right in as a Country and 1. Send them supplies 2. Send them assistance in the form of people with the knowledge to help 3. Send in the military to help out 4. Send them money to solve the problems.
    What I want to know is who in the HELL authorizes this crap? And why don't we the people get a say so in what we do and where we go and how much we do and how much we spend? Just the other day the VP told that folks in the GAZA strip that “WE” were going to send “THEM” $212 M I L L I O N of “OUR” money to help “Them” rebuild their areas that the IDIOTS would not protect from the Israelis bomb attacks and dug tunnels instead! This is just one example of those idiots in our government who think they know more than we do and NEVER ask us what we want to do.Tell me at what point do we stop this insane process? When will we stop being everything to every nation in the world? This month we are leading the way to fight EBOLA, fight ISIL, Fight Boko, Fight against climate change…………and on and on….When will we let other countries take the lead? When will we start taking care of our country, our people, our standards, our communities, our children, our vets and our elderly?WHEN! TELL ME WHEN I NEED TO KNOW…
    Ken Dreger

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    Vote. Know who and what you are voting for and protect the integrity of the vote and the voting laws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdreger View Post
    . . . What I want to know is who in the HELL authorizes this crap? . . .
    The people that we elect every election.

    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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