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    THE POPE GOES LGBT: Vatican rules that Catholic priests can bless same-sex, LGBTQ cou

    THE POPE GOES LGBT: Vatican rules that Catholic priests can bless same-sex, LGBTQ couples

    12/25/2023 // Ethan Huff // 3.1K Views

    Tags: Anti Christ, catholic, culture wars, demonic, evil, God's wrath, homosexual, left cult, LGBT, lgbtq, Pope Francis, religion, Roman Catholic, same-sex, Satanic, transhumanism, Twisted, vatican, wokies

    In a landmark ruling approved by Pope Francis, the Roman Catholic religion will now allow priests to issue blessings to same-sex couples, just so long as the blessings are not issued within the context of religious rituals or liturgies.
    The doctrinal shift will not, according to the Vatican, legitimize what it calls "irregular situations," but will instead allow for the formal blessing of members of the LGBTQ community under certain circumstances.
    While the Roman Catholic religion will still define "marriage" as only being between one man and one woman, the policy change will allow Catholic priests who wish to do so the opportunity to bless LGBTQ relationships outside of the religious setting.
    According to Roman Catholic dogma, a blessing, in this context, means a prayer, usually delivered by a priest or minister, in which God is petitioned to bestow divine favor or protection to a person or people group.
    Back in 2021, the Vatican announced that the Roman Catholic religion cannot issue blessings to same-sex couples because God is unable to "bless sin." That policy has since changed as Pope Francis has affirmed that same-sex couples can be blessed by the Roman Catholic god.
    (Related: Remember back during COVID when Pope Francis called for a new world order to be inhabited by fully vaccinated slaves?)
    LGBTQ-affirming Roman Catholicism

    A document published by the Vatican's doctrinal office early this week explains that it will now be up to individual priests to determine whether or not to bless an LGBTQ person or couple, and only on a case-by-case basis.
    The document explains that the change was made to affirm the Roman Catholic belief that "God welcomes all," though it stipulated that God only welcomes all, in this context, outside official Roman Catholic ceremonies related to civil unions or weddings.
    The change is music to the ears of Pope Francis who has been pushing his new "pastoral vision" on the Roman Catholic religion, which includes "broadening" the appeal of the religion.
    In the text's introduction, Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez explains that, from now on, a person seeking a blessing from the Roman Catholic religion is no longer "required to have prior moral perfection."
    Since first becoming pope in 2013, Pope Francis has been pushing to make the Roman Catholic religion more LGBTQ friendly while also preserving the doctrines and dogmas of the religion.
    This past October, Pope Francis called for such a change to be made, and now it has, despite outcry from opponents like Texas Bishop Joseph Strickland who has called the Roman Catholic religion's evolving positions on LGBTQ issues, including the promotion of transgender "rights," a "travesty."
    Conversely, Father James Martin, an American Jesuit priest and outspoken supporter of LGBTQ issues, praised the change as a "major step forward" for the Roman Catholic religion.
    On X (formerly Twitter), Martin celebrated the new rule, stating that it "recognizes the deep desire in many Catholic same-sex couples for God's presence in their loving relationships."
    Traditionally, the Roman Catholic religion has taught its followers that same-sex attraction itself is not a sin, but rather the act of sodomy and other homosexual behaviors that defy God's Holy Word on the matter.
    "Somehow, I feel like next down the line may be legalize and blessing pedophilia," one commenter wrote about the next likely "major step forward" for the highly corrupt Roman Catholic religion.
    "It's all about money, money, money," wrote another. "Pass the basket around and they'll bless you for anything. What a joke."
    "Embracing homosexuality to 'broaden' the Church's appeal? No," wrote another. "This will only hurt the Church. As a former Catholic who returned to his Greek Orthodox roots 22 years ago, this hurts."
    More related news can be found at
    Sources for this article include:

    THE POPE GOES LGBT: Vatican rules that Catholic priests can bless same-sex, LGBTQ couples –
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