Pro-LGBT Virginia House of Delegates candidate endorsed by Democrats has DEMONIC ties

11/08/2023 // Ramon Tomey // 1.3K Views

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A Democratic candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates who has backed pro-LGBT policies also appears to have "demonic ties."
Jeremy Rodden, who has been endorsed by the Virginia Democratic Party, is running on an education-first platform in the November elections. He will be facing off against incumbent State Delegate James "Jay" Leftwich, a Republican, to represent the Old Dominion's conservative 90th district.
Aside from the Virginia Democratic Party, Rodden also has the backing of prominent leftist groups and individuals – including Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia, VA LGBTQ+ Democrats and former Attorney General Eric Holder, who led the Department of Justice during the Obama administration. Given this, Rodden supports Democratic causes such as permanent protections for abortion and transgender mutilation.
The candidate expressed his support of "fundamental protections for women's reproductive health care and LGBT affirmation" – euphemisms for abortion and genital mutilation. He argued that the ability to kill pre-born babies and be surgically castrated "must be fully codified into our laws and state constitution."
Aside from these, Rodden also prides himself as a co-author of many children's books that aim to introduce children to demonic entities. One book he is listed as a co-author is titled "Uncommon Evil: A Collection of Nightmares, Demonic Creatures, and Unimaginable Horrors," which lists "20 of the most horrifying stories our deviant authors' minds can conceive."
"Demonic Household" is another book Rodden contributed to. The book promises to start readers off "with light, soft stories" and gradually lead them "into the ever darker, gorier and more demonic stories with each passing page."

Rodden's demonic ties

Rodden, who describes himself as a "stay-at-home dad of three children," received a master's degree in education from the Catholic Holy Family University in Philadelphia. However, his stances are a far cry from the Christian education he received. (Related: The REAL WAR for the future of humanity: Democrats increasingly possessed by demonic forces that seek the extermination of humanity?)
Last year, Rodden drew outrage from fellow parents over his promotion of an After School Satan Club (ASSC) at the B.M. Williams Primary School in Chesapeake, Virginia. He wrote in a Facebook post at the time that he couldn't wait "to sign up [his] second-grader for this after-school club." The Satanic Temple (TST), which is based in the city of Salem in Massachusetts, was responsible for bringing the ASSC to the school.
The Democratic candidate argued that the ASSC "does not practice any religious indoctrination whatsoever, unlike some of the other clubs offered at this school and at schools throughout Chesapeake Public Schools." He also clarified that he wasn't the one responsible for bringing the ASSC to the school, insisting that no religious clubs belong to secular schools.
The TST openly refers to itself as "a religious organization," dubbing itself "the primary religious Satanic organization in the world." The TST has reportedly launched "a number of high-profile public campaigns designed to preserve and advance secularism and individual liberties." It has frequently made headlines by mocking Christianity – especially Catholicism – through controversial and blasphemous activities, and by openly promoting transgenderism and abortion as "religious rituals."
Predictably, the ASSC endorsed by Rodden elicited a strong backlash from Catholics and concerned parents. One parent, Stan Epps Jr., told the Christian Broadcasting Network that he was "appalled" by the ASSC and won't "tolerate" it.
"I'm no preacher or pastor, but I stand for God," said Epps. "I will not be scared to stand up for the safety of our future generations, and I will not be quiet because it may 'offend' people."
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Pro-LGBT Virginia House of Delegates candidate endorsed by Democrats has DEMONIC ties –