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Thread: Prophetic Update From Bo Polny: Trump Wins, April 25 Is The Key Red Sea Moment Date

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    Prophetic Update From Bo Polny: Trump Wins, April 25 Is The Key Red Sea Moment Date

    Prophetic Update From Bo Polny: Trump Wins, April 25 Is The Key Red Sea Moment Date

    2 Days Ago

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    I think you’re going to really enjoy this one.

    Bo Polny, Greg Hunter and Amanda Grace all together in one roundtable discussion!

    There’s so much in here to recap I couldn’t possibly do it justice, you just have to watch for yourself.

    Trending: SGT Report: The Storm Is Upon Us, This Is It!

    You may recognize Bo Polny, I’ve had him on my show twice before, which you can watch here and here.

    As with other prophetic voices like Hank Kunneman, Kat Kerr, and so many others, Polny is not wavering one bit.

    He’s standing by the fact that President Trump did indeed win on November 3 and also that his win will be vindicated for all the world to see.

    He’s calling out April 25 as the key date, and when Bo Polny calls out a key date I tend to listen.

    Last year he said to watch April 20 as something big would happen, and that was the day that a barrel of oil went negative for the first time in history.

    As in, they would actually pay you to take delivery of a barrel of oil.

    A barrel of “black gold” suddenly had negative value.

    Then he said to watch September 18 because that would be another date something big would happen for our country.

    You may recall that evening it was announced around 8pm that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was dead.

    So now when he says to watch April 25, I will most certainly be watching.

    They cover that and so much more, watch and enjoy.

    Here you go:

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