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    Race for The White House ~ Dates

    Race for The White House



    9 Iowa caucus

    14 Nevada caucus

    17 New Hampshire primary

    21 South Carolina primary

    31 Florida primary


    7 Colorado and North Dakota caucuses; Georgia and Missouri primaries

    21 Wisconsin primary

    28 Arizona and Michigan primaries


    6 Idaho caucus; Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Vermont primaries

    10 Guam, Kansas, and Virgin Islands caucuses

    13 Hawaii caucus; Alabama and Mississippi primaries

    20 Illinois primary

    24 Louisiana primary


    3 Washington DC and Maryland primaries

    24 Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island primaries


    8 Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia primaries

    15 Nebraska and Oregon primaries

    22 Arkansas, Idaho and Kentucky primaries


    5 California, New Jersey, Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota primaries

    12 Ohio primary

    26 Utah primary


    40th National Republican Convention in Florida



    3 National Convention, Charlotte, North Carolina



    6 Election of the President of the United States

    Republican front-runners

    Mitt Romney Governor of Massachusetts 2003-7. Ran for president in 2008, and now one of the two front-runners. Wants to lower corporate income tax, repeal Obamacare, cut public spending. Reputation as flip-flopper. Pro-life. Mormon.

    Herman Cain Ex-CEO of Godfathers pizza chain, and outsider who has leapt into lead. Revelations that he was once accused by two women of sexual harassment have not derailed campaign – so far. Opposes government intervention in the economy through stimulus and bailouts, proposed much-criticised 9-9-9 flat tax plan which has helped his rise.

    Rick Perry Governor of Texas 2000-now. Supports minimal government – low taxes and low spending, and repeal of Obamacare. Does not believe in gay marriage. Strongly pro-life. Never lost an election.


    313 million people live in the US.

    13 per cent are black.

    15 per cent are Hispanic.

    33 per cent of Americans are classified as obese.

    Life expectancy is 50th in the world at 78.4 years. Monaco is top with 89.7.

    4.7 per cent of US GDP is spent on defence – twice the rate of China.

    Three billion pizzas are sold in the US every year.

    By the end of 2009, the US had 2,292,133 adults in prison.

    45 per cent of US households possess a gun; there are 300 million firearms owned by US civilians.

    $10.5 trillion US government debt is more than five times what it was in 1979.

    12 million jobs out of a workforce of 154 million are involved in manufacturing, the lowest since the 1940s. ... 57918.html
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    Re: Race for The White House ~ Dates

    Quote Originally Posted by AirborneSapper7
    4.7 per cent of US GDP is spent on defence – twice the rate of China.

    Doesn't the United States now hold the world record for the total number of prison incarcerations?

    A large part of those prisoners are illegal aliens from Mexico.
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