Regulations And Taxes Are The Same Damn Thing

Posted by Joe Wurzelbacher on Apr 22, 2013 in Congressional Arrogance, Culture, Economics, Taxes

The American Action Forum reports that since the beginning of this year, “The federal government has imposed $12.2 billion in compliance costs, and 27.8 million annual paperwork burden hours. At the current pace, regulators will publish $85 billion in regulations this year.”

Wow. These are new taxes, nothing more. They will not make us safer, more efficient, better or anything else. These de facto taxes will just put more weight on the backs of primarily small business, make it harder to compete against big business, and make products and services less affordable to all Americans. Is this what we need?
In President Obama’s ongoing fundamental changing of America, regulations are the most heinous factor. Unlike straight taxes, which are supposed to be subject to hearings and a vote in Congress, regulations are mostly carried out by nameless, faceless, appointees of the federal government – through various agencies. These entities are often headed and littered with folks who are anti-American and would delight in bringing our current Capitalist system down.

The danger in over-regulation is that they cause huge cost increases to everything we make or buy or use, and these costs are passed along to everyone. Regulations = taxes, but with the difference that our President cannot point them at “the rich.” An important aspect of regulation is that those who are least able to afford it are forced to bear the costs, while seeing relatively few benefits. In this light, regulations are extremely regressive in nature. Obama talks a big game about class warfare and soaking the rich, but these regulations nail the poor and working class much more severely.

Congress, by creating these various regulatory agencies, have put distances between themselves and responsibilities of failure. When there are high gas prices, it’s the Energy Department which has failed. High supermarket bills? The Dept. of Agriculture dropped the ball, The FDA, the FTC, the SEC, the EPA – when will it stop? And because it’s an indirect way to tax Americans, it’s very hard for people to get satisfaction or results because Congress and the President have successfully put a ton of red tape and bureaucracy between us and them.

And they’ve become brazen about it with Obama at the helm.

Just take a simple example of our Energy Department: Energy Secretary Steven Chu infamously said gas prices in America should be higher! “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” Chu said in 2008. This is the same dope who pushed boondoggles like Solyndra, even against the advice of experts within his own department. It is socialists like Chu and the people who run the E.P.A. and other appointees who are secretly taxing the hell out of Americans.

Unnecessary and onerous regulation can be used for evil. Just another way to control behavior, which the Obama Administration seems to be obsessed with. Here’s why in a nutshell: Regulations force American business people to spend money as the government tells them to, instead of what’s best for the growth and health of the business. When they don’t comply, they’re hit with another tax (called a “fine”), for not falling in line and if regulations become too much (as they often do) they can put you out of business.

But it’s even worse for the little guy, because regulations also reduce competition. Big business have the resources, people, and money reserves to comply with almost any regulatory rules thrown at them. Small business has a much tougher time with compliance and a large amount of regulation can close smaller businesses, allowing the big business to get bigger. In some cases, an entire industry can be shut down by excessive regulations, allowing foreign competitors to step in and fill the gap. The Obama Administrations loves this and even bragged about putting the coal industry out of business. They got in the middle of Boeing trying to open a plant in South Carolina and tried through the EPA to regulate the amount of dust that a farmer’s plough kicks up.

Once again, Barack Obama is in bed with the big guys and is putting the little guys out on the street. If he’s not bailing them out, he’s saddling their competition with regulations they cannot or just get tired of dealing with. How many stories do we have to read about doctors or restaurateurs or folks who own service businesses just up and quitting because of the regulations. When all the money is in the hands of big business, government entities, unions and other friends of the Obama Administration, the people will have nowhere to turn except government to get any help.
And that’s the idea.