Remember when Julian Assange exposed Google as an NSA mass surveillance tool of the deep state?

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) There are many reasons why the powers that be forced NSA (National Security Agency) whistleblower and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange into first becoming a prisoner of his own home, and later an asylum refugee who had to live seven years inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London – perhaps the biggest reason having to do with his bravery in blowing the lid on Google’s treasonous collusion with the globalist deep state.

Back in 2013, Assange penned an eye-opening piece about the untold millions of dollars that Google had accepted from the NSA as payment for its compliance with the spying and surveillance agency’s infamous “PRISM” program. As we reported at the time, PRISM is a massive infrastructure system developed by the NSA that allows it to basically “intercept almost everything” without warrant or probable cause – in direct violation of the United States Constitution, by the way.
Assange wrote specifically of an encounter he had with Google’s then-Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt, who showed up at Assange’s door along with three other people while he was under house arrest. But it was hardly a friendly visit, and what Assange would come to realize was that Google was acting on behalf of the U.S. Department of State, which was then under the control of failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
“You might suppose that coming to see me was a gesture that he and the other big boys at Google were secretly on our side: That they support what we at WikiLeaks are struggling for: justice, government transparency, and privacy for individuals. But that would be a false supposition,” Assange wrote.
“Their agenda was much more complex, and as we found out, was inextricable from that of the U.S. State Department.”
You can read and / or listen to the secret, five-hour meeting that took place between Julian Assange and Eric Schmidt at
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Google’s ambush of Julian Assange can be traced back to Hillary Clinton and her cronies
Schmidt and his three-member pack of deep state assets had led Assange to believe that they were there doing “research” for a book project Schmidt was working on entitled, The New Digital Age – which Assange later wrote a “less than enthusiastic review” for that was published in The New York Times (NYT). But what Assange came to realize was that the meeting was about more than just the book, and that the book itself was about more than just communicating information to readers.
As it turns out, the three people that were with Schmidt during this particular visit were all from the Hillary Clinton State Department. There was Lisa Shields, Eric Schmidt’s then-girlfriend who was Vice President for Communications at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR); Scott Malcolmson, a former senior State Department advisor; and Jared Cohen, a personal advisor both to Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton.
“That visit from Google while I was under house arrest was, as it turns out, an unofficial visit from the State Department,” is how Assange put it in his article about what took place that chilling day, all under the direction of then State Department head Hillary Clinton.
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Google now has more access to the government deep state than the CIA ever could have dreamed of gaining
What Assange would come to learn is that Google and the deep state have basically become one in the same. The revolving door between the world’s most well-known search engine and the most corrupt string-pullers on the planet, in other words, was, and likely still is, getting plenty of use – and millions of Americans are still none the wiser.
“Jared Cohen was the co-writer of Eric Schmidt’s book, and his role as the bridge between Google and the State Department speaks volumes about how the U.S. securitocracy works,” Assange further revealed, citing the many ways that Google has slithered its tentacles into the federal deep state, and vice versa.
“Cohen is effectively Google’s director of regime change. He is the State Department channeling Silicon Valley.”
It’s important to keep in mind that Wikileaks cables have further exposed Cohen as having previously worked overseas to influence foreign policy on behalf of the deep state. He not only tried to convince four major Afghan mobile phone companies to move their antennas onto U.S. military bases, but he also helped to develop an anti-Hezbollah Shia think tank in Lebanon.
Cohen also worked behind the scenes to ensure that “anti-extremist content” was embedded within Bollywood entertainment in exchange for connecting Bollywood film executives to networks in Hollywood.
“That Google was taking NSA money in exchange for handing over people’s data comes as no surprise,” Assange concluded. “When Google encountered the big bad world, Google itself got big and bad.”

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