Report: Far More People Killed In Chicago Than In All Mass Shootings Combined

by AWR Hawkins 12 Jun 2014 219 post a comment

City Leaders Discuss 2013's Drop In...

City Leaders Discuss 2013's Drop In Murders, Overall Crime

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While announcing that they would not longer give killers the opportunity at glory that comes from having their names mentioned and their photographs aired on television, Sun News also address the extremely low rate of "mass shootings" in America compared to the excruciatingly high rate of murder in gun-controlled Chicago.

According to the Sun News, mass shootings around the world--including the U.S.--are so rare that news agencies make a mistake by seizing on them.
Focusing specifically on the U.S., Sun News reported: "And in the U.S., they account for less than one percent of all gun-related deaths. Far more people have been killed in the bad neighborhoods of Chicago that were killed in all the mass shootings combined."

Yet they say the incidents are enlarged on the public psyche via "social media," through which "they've become a spectacle."

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