Would you listen to a man who joined the Army National Guard as a private and retired 20 years later as a major? What if I told you that he did a tour in Iraq and also served as the commander of Operation Jump Start and Southwest Border Mission where he oversaw 700 men and women on the US – Mexico border where he reduced illegal entries by over 90%.

He started out as a city police officer and eventually ran for county sheriff and won. As county sheriff, he busted a theft ring in the county recorder’s office, reduced emergency response time in the county by 40%, cut his own budget, had been reducing traffic of illegal drugs and was elected as 2011 Sheriff of the Year by the National Sheriff’s Association.

His name is Paul Babeu and he is the county sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona. Pinal County lies between Phoenix and Tucson. Its location makes it one of the most actively used locations for illegal drug trafficking. When Sheriff Babeu became sheriff, it was estimated that the county contained 75-100 drug cartel cells and listening or observation posts. Babeu has waged war against these drug cartels and as such has been reducing those numbers. Sheriff Babeu has also been active in enforcing immigration laws and fighting the tide of illegals coming over the Mexican border.

Now, Babeu is running for a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives. In a recent interview, Sheriff Babeu spoke about Operation Fast and Furious and Attorney General Eric Holder. He said that there is enough evidence to support the claim that Obama’s administration purposely used Operation Fast and Furious as a tool to attack our Second Amendment rights to own and bear arms. He went on to say,

“I believe that [Holder], and many sheriffs in Arizona believe that, he has perjured himself. His story has changed. After there was evidence produced that he did know — he was given briefings, he was given emails — he then started to walk back his statements to say that, ‘well, I misunderstood the question.’

“As a police officer before I was a sheriff, when somebody I’m talking to starts to change their story — that’s a clue they’re not telling the truth. So, this guy is in charge of the Department of Justice, still — to this day — from Dec. 15, 2010, so it’s been over a year and there’s still been no accountability, we still don’t know who’s approved this program. How can that be? In the Department of What?

“I believe that whoever made these decisions to facilitate [the sale of] 2,000 high-powered weapons into the hands of the drug cartels that we’re fighting in Arizona — they should face criminal charges.

“Time and time again, we see our Constitution trampled upon by this government — by Eric Holder, by Janet Napolitano [the Secretary of Homeland Security], by Barack Obama — they’re suing my state and they need to stop suing my state, we’re trying to enforce the law. So it’s those issues in combination with the most important issues facing our country which is our economy. It’s the same assault against our free market, capitalist society that we’re trying to turn our back from the greatness of our country, which has made us strong.

“This is supposed to be the top prosecutor in our country. And he has been clearly giving misleading, I believe, direct lies, to Congress and has covered this up. This is a scandal that exceeds anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes — Watergate or anything else — because people have been killed. People have died as a result of these decisions and we still don’t know who approved this?

“It used to be dismissed as a wild-eyed right-wing conspiracy that the government could be behind this, could be giving weapons to the cartels and then blaming it on America, blaming it on our law-abiding gun dealers. Well, low and behold, that’s exactly what’s happened.”

Now that you’ve heard some of what Sheriff Babeu has to say, I hope you’re more inclined to listen to him now. And you also need to know that he is not the only law enforcement officer that recognizes the fact that Eric Holder has lied and perjured himself before Congress and should be brought up on criminal charges, especially since he is supposed to be the nation’s top cop.

It’s a shame that Sheriff Babeu is only running for the state House in Arizona as our nation desperately needs leaders of his caliber and moral integrity in Washington DC.

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