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    Republicans Form A Circular Firing Squad

    Personal Liberty Digest
    January 16, 2012 by Bob Livingston


    The Republican Party is tearing itself apart.

    We may be witnessing the death of the Republican Party. If so, good riddance!
    The party apparatus has lied to its faithful for years: The party of small government… the party of freedom… the party that supports the Constitution… the party of the 2nd Amendment… the party of free enterprise.

    The rhetoric has never matched the performance, but the faithful proles always held out hope that next time would be different. They held their collective noses and voted for the candidate the elites shoved down their throats.

    Once again, the party elites have pre-determined the nominee. It’s Mitt Romney.
    Romney has received endorsements from two of the party’s biggest losers: Senator John McCain and former Senator Bob Dole. With friends like those, no wonder the proles are looking elsewhere.

    So the party has formed a circular firing squad.

    Romney, a Massachusetts liberal, abortion supporter, TARP supporter, stimulus supporter, cap-and-trade supporter, believer in big government, war-loving, anti-gun crusader is the choice of the party’s insiders. But according to the Real Clear Politics polling average, almost three out of four of potential Republican voters want the nominee to be someone else.

    Newt Gingrich, a draft-dodging Army brat, big government, cap-and-trade supporter, war-loving, anti-gun faux conservative is showing his true stripes. It’s unclear whether he’s really still trying to win the nomination or has just decided to go out slashing and burning everything and everyone in sight. Whatever, he’s taken up the leftist cause of class warfare, attacking Romney from the left over his tenure at Bain Capital and the fact that he’s “rich.” No wonder Gingrich hangs out with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and James Clyburn.

    Iowa Republican elites used dirty tricks to prop up Rick Santorum, falsely portraying him as the conservative alternative to Romney. But Santorum’s another neocon, gun-grabbing, big-government faux conservative, and he has no chance to win the nomination. He isn’t even on the ballot in Virginia, and he has virtually no campaign apparatus to speak of after placing all his eggs in Iowa’s basket. He finished fifth in New Hampshire voting, squandering his Iowa bounce.

    As they did Santorum in Iowa, the mainstream media tried to prop up Jon Huntsman in New Hampshire. But repeated news reports of a late surge (which gave Huntsman false momentum in the minds of voters) could net him only a third-place finish. Huntsman, who actually governed Utah fairly conservatively, is running to the left of everyone in the Republican field. That’s not terribly surprising since his campaign manager is John Weaver.

    Weaver worked for the McCain campaign in 2000 and 2008 and is a former Democratic operative. But no matter, Huntsman is not a serious candidate, despite what the MSM wants you to believe. He won’t even be on the ballot in Virginia, Arizona and Illinois.

    Rick Perry, whose campaign would be dead after two dismal showings if not for a big war chest accumulated just after he entered the race and before he began stepping on his own tongue, has also decided to attack Romney from the left. He’s begun calling Romney a “vulture capitalist.” That sounds like something out of President Barack Obama’s Marxist playbook. Perry, who’s an even bigger crony capitalist than Gingrich, apparently is convinced that the duty of business owners is not to turn a profit while providing a good or service, but to provide jobs for people — and campaign cash for him.

    Republican voters have been duped. The elite, backed by their MSM propaganda arm, have convinced (conned?) them into believing that Romney’s nomination is inevitable and that he’s the “most electable” Republican in the field, despite the fact that only 322,786 votes have been cast in two small States.

    Republican voters seem almost content to allow 122,547 voters (Romney’s total in the two States) to decide a winner in a country of more than 311 million people.

    In national polls, three out of four voters say they would vote for someone else. In the upcoming South Carolina and Florida primaries, two of three are supporting another candidate. Nevertheless, an air of inevitability is settling on the race, thanks to an incessant drumbeat from the MSM that the nominee will be Romney.

    There is a conservative alternative to Romney. But the elites in the GOP and in the MSM are doing all they can to defeat him with lies and innuendo. Just like they’re beating the drums for an attack on Iran, they’re preying on the sheeple’s fears and slandering Ron Paul.

    During coverage of the New Hampshire primary vote count, Fox News talking head Britt Hume said Ron Paul is as likely to be elected as RuPaul. Neocon GOP propagandist extraordinaire Bill Kristol said on Fox News “Special Report w/ Bret Baier” Jan. 11 that he hopes all the candidates remain in the race, no matter how bad they perform, because he believes most of their supporters would go to Ron Paul. And Paul getting 40 percent or more of the vote would be bad for the party, he said. Any mention of Ron Paul in the MSM is inevitably footnoted with, “Of course, he won’t get the nomination.”

    Iran is close to making a nuclear weapon, we’re told, with no supporting evidence provided. That makes it a danger to the United States and to Israel. In fact, reports that Iran is close to having a nuclear weapon were debunked by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who admitted on CBS’s Face The Nation Jan. 8 that Iran was not trying to make a nuclear weapon (at approximately 1:20 in the video).

    Paul is, likewise, a danger to the United States and Israel, we’re told, again with no supporting evidence. Yes, freedom and the Constitution are dangerous concepts to the elites because they want us indebted and in shackles rather than prosperous and free.

    The fascists have been building their totalitarian state for 150 years now. It’s been a glacial, but inexorable march, because gradualism works best. They are near their goal, and Paul and the 2012 election is probably their last obstacle.

    We are living in the last days of life as we have known it. Our currency has been debauched to nothing; our savings stolen right out from under our noses. Our houses have lost a third to a half their values… for those who still have them. Millions of people — 7.3 million were receiving unemployment checks as of Dec. 24 — are looking for jobs that no longer exist. Only food stamps, unemployment checks and welfare are holding off street riots that would make Arab Spring look like a park stroll.

    America is not just economically bankrupt; it’s morally bankrupt. Government agencies now promote immoral behavior. The public’s minds are numbed by the cesspool that is prime time television and “art” foisted upon us by Hollywood, and they are caught up in euphoria over the successes of their favorite sports teams.

    America has become as Rome. Pleasure, entertainment, empire and money-printing are our drugs.

    Real learning is anathema to the people. Having been fed the garbage pushed on them in government (non)education indoctrination centers teaching loyalty to the state, they now wallow about, growing fat on processed foods and seeking health from profit-obsessed mainstream physicians and pharmaceutical companies — never realizing and, in most cases, not caring that the foods they eat and the drugs they take are sapping their brains and destroying their bodies. Their further education comes from the propaganda that passes as daily news from fools like Kristol, whose loyalty is to party and fascism and the new world order rather than the country and Constitution.

    It is this mind-numbed ignorance that allows the Republican Party — the so-called party of conservatism — to promote a pack of status quo leftists as conservatives and get away with it. It is what allows the doublethink to thrive: War is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength. Add one more: Left is right.

    There are some people who get it. It’s encouraging that it’s the younger set — the 40 and under crowd — that recognizes Paul as the statesman he is, and it’s sad that most people over 40 do not. Despite the derisive name-calling of the establishment — who call Paul’s supporters paulbots or paultards or whatever, and try and couch them as a bunch of pot-smoking fleabaggers and 60s throwbacks — a growing crowd is awakening and embracing the freedom of our forefathers. The elites recognize that if the younger crowd is embracing the message of liberty that the message will only grow stronger.

    That’s what has the elites living in fear. That’s why the Republican Party is tearing itself apart.

    The MSM continue to ask Paul if he will run as a third-party candidate if he fails to win the Republican nomination and are perplexed when he doesn’t answer the way they want. CNN’s Dana Bash recently asked Paul if he would encourage his supporters to back the eventual Republican nominee.

    The questions are irrelevant and demonstrate the MSM do not understand Paul’s followers. They are an independent lot. They have come to recognize what most have not: that we are living under a growing tyranny and a vote for any other Republican candidate will give them four more years of either Obama black or Obama white — more likely the former.

    And it won’t matter whether Paul mounts a third-party bid — and I doubt he will — if his efforts at securing the Republican nomination are thwarted. And it won’t matter whether he encourages his supporters to back the GOP nominee if it’s one of the current crop of statists.

    Having once sniffed freedom and experienced the message of liberty, none but a few will ever again board the train to more tyranny. Besides, it’s looking more and more like the GOP is going the way of the Whig Party that spawned it.

    Source: Republicans Form A Circular Firing Squad : Personal Liberty Digest™
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