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Thread: Run, Kamala, Run

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judy View Post
    There's no bias against a woman President. There just hasn't been one on the scene that's right yet.
    Condolesa Rice took on the Arabs, who don't think high of women, and let them know they had to deal with her or go home empty handed. Carly Fiorina campaigned while going through chemotherapy. She didn't use that for a sympathy vote. Sarah Palin showed she had the stuff, but the media and other haters successfully campaigned against her.

    Donald Trump is unique because he takes the mud and slings it right back, with a smile. Obama was thin skinned and couldn't have dealt with a tenth of what has been thrown at President Trump. But the media treated him with kid gloves. McCain, Rubio, the Bush's, even Romney, broke under pressure.

    Quote Originally Posted by Judy
    Remember Hillary, that moron, won the popular vote. No bias, just the wrong woman who thank God, got votes in the wrong states.
    "No bias"? You mean the left-wing media wasn't rooting for her? They had her winning by a landslide against any Republican. That political bias is what keep well-qualified women from having a chance at this point. Those capable women are all conservative. Successful liberal women are all in politics. They know little about business.

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    Condi Rice approved an invasion of Iraq on a lie. Condi Rice blew the nuclear non-proliferation agreement with North Korea over a counterfeiting issue. No, Condi could not be President.

    Carly Fiorino could never be President.

    Sarah Palin could not be President, because she could never win.

    Successful women all, but not right for President.

    There will be a woman President, but it has to be the right woman. The right woman will surface one day, but she has not surfaced yet. There are lots of women in the United States who would make great Presidents, they just haven't surfaced yet. They will when they're ready, the right ones aren't ready.
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