SCARY AUDIO: Rush Limbaugh Says the Obama Administration is Just Now Getting Started (PREPARE FOR TWO UGLY YEARS)

By Eric Odom
2:55 pm June 19, 2014, generally speaking, has maintained all along that Obama and his ilk in Washington have known exactly what they’re doing all along. Many of our readers like to trumpet Obama’s ignorance or claim he’s incompetent. But in our view, this simply isn’t the case.
In fact, we believe Obama’s actions to date have been all about creating a foundation for what he’s about to do in the next two and a half years. Obama’s scandal’s aren’t a show of incompetence. His scandals are intentional. Half meant to cause havoc in the system, half meant to provide distractions and cover for what he’s really up to.
If you read between the lines of our stories, you’ll see this is the angle we come at it with.

As our own Norvell Rose says, it’s all a controlled demolition.

And Rush Limbaugh seems to agree.