Russian nuclear subs increasingly appearing off US coastlines and the US military trying to hunt them down is ‘the most explicit warning yet’ we’re racing towards Armageddon

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According to this new story over at the website that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website Friday morning, Russia is now executing 'bold maneuvers' in the Atlantic Ocean, deploying no less than 11 nuclear subs in the Atlantic as the world moves closer and closer to nuclear annihilation.(Article by Stefan Stanford republished from
Coming at a time when Russia has also claimed they've killed 6,000 foreign fighters in Ukraine, including 491 Americans if we're to believe Russia more than our own government of liars who long ago lost their right to be trusted by their employers, the American people, that astounding number of American mercenary deaths could easily be read as more proof we're already in World War 3 against that sovereign nation at a time when Russia has declared that any direct US participation fighting for Ukraine will lead to a widening of that conflict, engulfing the US and any other participants in a direct conflict with Russia that we know we cannot 'win'.
With those 'bold maneuvers' by Russia being taken in the Atlantic Ocean leading to US warplanes themselves to taking flights over the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay as seen in the screenshot above from the website ADS-B Exchange showing the US Air Force's 'SCORE48' flying flight patterns up and down the East Coast off of the Delmarva Peninsula on Thursday evening, Friday also brought a slew of new military flights being carried out by our planes in the exact same region over the Chesapeake Bay as seen in the next screenshot below from the website Flight Radar 24 showing us live air traffic, as if they know something(s) from Russia may be making their way into our region.
And with that region in the Chesapeake Bay seen in the screenshot above only 60 to 70 miles driving distance away from Washington DC, we should keep our eyes on the YouTube channel of Monkey Werx US to get some excellent updates on what our military is doing in the skies over America, because we certainly won't ever be getting any solid information from our govt or military services.
With this previously mentioned Bulgarian Military website story reporting "Russian subs are increasingly appearing off of the Coastlines of the USA" and that we're now witnessing "the most explicit warning yet regarding the potential threat Russia poses," take note that nowhere does their story reference this NY Times story from February 25th of 2024 reporting our very own CIA has been 'secretly' waging war a 'shadow war' upon Russia through the Ukraine via at least 12 secret spy bases we've built just outside of Russia over the past decade+, what would correctly be called 'the potential threat that the USA poses to Russia' but as we all know now, not even the American people get a lick of truth from the US government, so why would we expect them to give Russia any, either? From that Bulgarian Military website story.:
Speculations suggest that the number of nuclear submarines in the Atlantic currently exceeds those during the prime of the Soviet Union, replicating Cold War-era densities. Yet, the exact count of these naval vessels remains indeterminate.
We do know that the significant presence of Russian nuclear submarines rouses substantial security apprehensions for the United States. This concern is endorsed by the director of the Russian Maritime Research Institute [RMSI], Michael Peterson. Parallelly, General Cavoli warns NATO to remain especially alert due to the amplifying threat Russia poses toward Ukraine.
58 Russian nuclear subs
Michael Peterson, a prominent figure at the Russian Maritime Research Institute [RMSI] and celebrated for his extensive knowledge of Russian naval prowess, has highlighted numerous indicators that suggest Russia’s increasing tendencies to place their nuclear submarines along the United States coastlines.
From the azure waters of the Mediterranean to the invigorating coasts of Europe, the deployment of Russian nuclear and conventional submarines is a very tangible reality. Peterson, the insightful researcher, observes an uncanny resemblance between these tactics and those employed by the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War conflict.
In recent years, Moscow has made strides in developing a diverse variety of nuclear submarines, engineered specifically to infiltrate strategic points scattered across both the United States and Europe. Allegedly boasting an impressive fleet of 58 nuclear submarines across multiple classes, there seems to be no global hotspot— including the waters along American shores— that is impervious to their expansive reach.
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Russian nuclear subs increasingly appearing off US coastlines and the US military trying to hunt them down is ‘the most explicit warning yet’ we’re racing towards Armageddon –