See the NYC Subway Fight Broken Up by a Man Calmly Eating His Pringles
Posted on April 12, 2012 at 1:07am

by Becket Adams
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Earlier this month, there was an altercation (surprise!) on a New York City subway train.

That’s not news! People fight all the time on subways! you say.

True. However, what is notable is how the fight was broken up: by a nonchalant, snacking bystander who calmly steps in to stop a fight between a man and a woman where punches and kicks were flying all over the place (via EITANNOYZE’s YouTube page — explicit language):

So how did the fight start anyway?

“Apparently the dude by the door followed the woman onto the train, which she was, understandably, none too [pleased] about,” the Huffington Post reports. “Words and kicks are exchanged until our quiet superhero steps in…appearing as if he knows nothing’s going on, and completely defuses the situation.”

The quiet “superhero” is Charles Sonder and he was just on his way to gets some drinks with his friends.

“I felt the need to stop the fight as soon as I could. It seemed that the girl was the first one to make physical contact, but that’s no excuse for any man to kick any female,” Sonder told NYU Local. “I had to do something. Everyone else was just sitting there watching.”

“Typically, I mind my own business on the train. In this case, I thought someone may have needed help. I would consider myself a helpful person as well as a bit of a ‘snacker,’” he added.

We just can‘t get over how much he looks like he doesn’t care. It’s awesome, really.

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