Sergey Aleynikov Gets 8 Year Prison Sentence

by Tyler Durden
03/18/2011 16:07 -0400

The man who single handedly almost stole Goldman's algorithm that could "manipulate ... -7409-Full markets" ... -7409-Full (p 8, lines 4-7) is now the person with the biggest prison sentence to come out of the entire financial crisis. Sergey Aleynikov has just gotten a 97 month sentence for doing absolutely nothing but copying some Goldman code that would likely never be recreated by anyone. In the meantime the bank execs who should be in jail, are currently benefiting from their co-opted Fed to allow them to collect taxpayer-funded dividend payments. Justice may be blind, but not in America, where its eyes have been unfortunately poked out. On the other hand, at least Aleynikov did not get the gas chamber...

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