February 21, 2013 by Tim Brown

Sheriff David Clarke: I’m Going To Defend The Constitution ‘Tooth & Nail’

Sheriffs all over the country are taking stands, from small counties in America to large ones, against the current domestic terrorists attacking the Constitution in Washington, D.C. We’ve covered several of these courageous men who have championed the United States Constitution and the Second Amendment rights of the people protected in it. Four sheriffs sat down with Glenn Beck, which he referred to as the “bravest sheriffs in all of America,” and they spoke about their stand against an ever growing Federal government and its threats of tyranny. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke confirmed what all of sheriffs were there to affirm and that is they would defend the Constitution “tooth and nail.”

Beck had Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, Grant County, Oregon Sheriff Glenn Palmer, Livingston County, Missouri Sheriff Steve Cox and Linn County, Oregon County Sheriff Tim Mueller as guests.

Clarke, of course, gained national recognition recently when he blew off calls to 911 as no longer a person’s best option, but rather encouraged citizens, “You have a duty to protect yourself and your family.”

Beck introduced the roundtable interview by rightly stating, “You have a right to own the firearms of your choice. That right shall not be infringed. It’s not about hunting, it’s not about target practice, it’s not even about rape or home defense. It is about an armed public being necessary to keep people free. An unarmed public is a tyrant’s playground.

According the the sheriffs, they are representative of 484 other sheriffs that have joined together to declare that they will keep their oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Sheriff Clarke declared that the Second Amendment is about liberty. “The Government doesn’t get to…say how people can and should defend themselves,” he said. “I trust law-abiding citizens, I always have. And government has to learn to start letting go and trusting citizens.”

Clarke also spoke about recent legislation that has empowered the people of his county to protect themselves and he had high praise for it. He pointed out that the State had passed legislation that now would allow people to carry concealed and that the Castle Doctrine had also been adopted, which protects law abiding citizens who use their weapons with deadly force to defend themselves and their families.

The Wisconsin Sheriff said that he advocated giving people choices and that he didn’t care what people did in their homes when they face an intruder, including hide under the bed. He said it was not for him to say how they handle the situation.

When asked if he believed the Constitution was under attack, Clarke didn’t hesitate in stating, “Without a doubt.”

“The Constitution means a lot to me,” Clarke added, “and as a black man, our freedom came a little later than the Founding Fathers did, but it came nonetheless and it came at a heavy price.”

“I’m not going to see one ounce of my freedom and my liberty or yours or your family’s back to the Federal government or the State government or anybody else” Clarke added. “So I’m going to defend this thing tooth and nail.”

Sheriff Palmer said, “Our Constitution is very near and dear to me, and I believe it’s under attack. And it’s still a living document, and as police officers we still have to abide by the Constitution.”
Palmer also said that the Constitution “empowers the people. It does not empower the Federal government. It prohibits them, it restricts them and it prevents them from walking on top of the citizens.”

Sheriff Cox believes it important for people to take a stand when Washington decides to go after guns. “We have to put our foot down whenever we see something that’s wrong,” Cox added. “Sometimes if you lead, you may stand alone.”

Well Sheriffs, you are not standing alone. There are many citizens who stand with you across the country and we will support you as long as you support and defend the Constitution.

Sheriff David Clarke: I'm Going To Defend The Constitution 'Tooth & Nail' : Freedom Outpost