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    Sleeping Giants Founder MATT RIVITZ Continues to Harass Companies to Block Ad Dollars

    PASS IT ON: Sleeping Giants Founder MATT RIVITZ Continues to Harass Companies to Block Ad Dollars to Conservatives — WHILE HE REPRESENTED THE SAME COMPANIES IN HIS DAY JOB

    by Jim Hoft June 6, 2019

    On Tuesday Matt Rivitz was exposed as the Far Left operative behind anti-conservative hate group Sleeping Giants.

    Sleeping Giants has worked since the 2016 election to bankrupt conservative groups by targeting their advertisers.

    They do not approve of opposing voices. Like former fascists before them.

    Matt Rivitz has devoted his life to destroy and eliminate opposing voices in America but always kept his identity a secret.
    Until 2018.

    Rivitz and his hate site ‘Sleeping Giants’ smear and slander conservative voices and conservative publishers

    His tactics are much like the Nazi regime in Germany back in the 1930s.
    Their goal is to keep the internet and public square free from conservative, pro-American, patriotic voices.
    He does this by smearing and lying about conservatives and threatening US corporations who run ads on their platforms.
    Matt Rivitz also represented several top corporations in the advertising world in his day job.

    Rivitz works in advertising and represented Adidas, Chevy, Delta, Dodge Target, and others top corporations.

    These same companies he attacked anonymously online with Sleeping Giants.

    Here is a list of a few of Matt’s credits:

    Dodge Dart
    Fox Sports Net

    So Matt Rivitz was doing work for several corporations in the advertising world and then harassing many of these same companies anonymously at Sleeping Giants in his free time. It would be interesting if he did this while at work?

    It would be interesting to determine if Matt and his partner took any money from his current clients while attacking them.

    Here is more information on Matt Rivitz.

    Bing Browser Cache showing he’s a freelancer working with Tyler Magnusson.

    Yandex Browser cache of his Behance profile (Linkedin for Creatives)

    List of agencies Tyler Magnusson has worked with.

    And here is his Facebook page.

    A note to readers: This is raw data. Please don’t harass any individual or companies. But do share what you’ve found as we discover just who is paying Sleeping Giants to attack and destroy conservatives.
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    Consumption was Freedom's Last Frontier

    June 7, 2019

    (left, the "king" is being dispossessed)

    The banishment of conservative customers
    by corporations mirrors
    our ongoing disenfranchisement
    in social media.

    What sinister power is behind this totalitarian trend?

    by Henry Makow PhD

    Consumerism is the last area where the lowly individual is treated like a king.

    The siren call of advertising beckons the consumer. Alexa listens for our spending plans while Big Tech compiles our purchases. Armies of "customer service reps" are ready to placate us. Brands lower prices in pursuit of our dollar. While I feel powerless socially and politically, I definitely feel "like a somebody" as a consumer.

    Alas, all this is changing. Companies don't want your business if you don't support the socially destructive agenda of the Central Banking Cartel. Thus the NFL allowed its players to kneel during the National Anthem without concern of losing millions of patriotic fans. Starbucks doesn't want your orders if you don't normalize homosexuality. Similarly, Gillette customers must be in favor of transgenderism and against toxic masculinity. Thefilm and entertainment industry insists on abortion.

    The New American writes, "Nabisco mocks customers upset about a drag-queen Mother's Day cookie ad. Burger King subtly encourages people to throw its milkshakes at anti-European Union populists. And a beer company advocates hitting such people "over the head with a brick." Welcome to the new corporate activism and the principle "The conservative customer is always wrong."

    There was a time, not long ago, when businesses largely adhered to the old advice "Never discuss politics or religion." And when explaining his lack of 1990s political activism, NBA legend Michael Jordan reportedly said, "Republicans buy shoes, too." But that was before the advent of "woke" corporate activism."

    This trend to banish conservatives from commerce mirrors a parallel trend in social media. YouTube is banishing conservative videos. Wordpress is removing conservative websites. Twitter has purged James Woods and Alex Jones.
    A reader wrote that Michael Collins Piper's video on Israel's Samson option "has been removed - go through lists of videos on YT - 99% of anything on holocaust revisionism removed....everything else e.g on Talmudism/Zionism etc being removed too. The show's over folks."
    Brother Nathaniel writes, "The Jewish censors of YouTube-ADL and SPLC-BANNED 156 of my Videos Wednesday. Their reason was that I was "Criticizing a Protected Group." Thus my Videos critical of AIPAC, Jewish Lobbies, Judaism, the Media, and Israel, were BANNED. Sum and substance?---JEWS are "protected" AS A GROUP from being criticized."
    At the same time, Florida has criminalized "antisemitism" including criticism of Israel; and the Trump Administration has appointed an "antisemitism czar." 26 States have their own antisemitism laws.
    All of this happened once the USSR.
    What is behind this polarization?

    I'll cut to the chase. This is an extension of the Noahide Laws where you have a choice. You can be a Jew, an honorary Jew (Freemason) or you can be "decapitated." Cabalist Jews believe they are Chosen by God. The world belongs to them solely. The goyim were intended to serve them. Most Jews scoff at this self-serving fanaticism but it characterizes the leadership.

    (TD Bank makes customers run a rainbow gauntlet to transact business.)

    I define "Communism" as the monopoly over everything -- wealth, power and thought -- by the Cabalist (satanic) central bankers led by the Rothschilds. We have de facto Communism because the banking system and "money" are controlled by the Rothschilds. Our "money" is make-believe, just digits on their books until it is transformed into something tangible. They control all corporations; they control the lifeblood of society.

    "Jewes" -- whether Jews or Gentile Freemasons -- are basically collaborators in the Rothschild racket. (They create the medium of exchange in the form of a debt to themselves and charge interest. This is something national governments could do debt-and-interest-free.)
    The world is gradually splitting between people who collaborate in the Rothschild racket and its occult social agenda including mental enslavement, and those who demur. The former includes most of our "leaders," pundits and professors. Collaboration in this pernicious agenda is a condition of "success" in society. The traitors usually make the triangle or downward-prayer hand signs to signal their secret membership. The majority are unwitting collaborators.
    People who wish to retain their religious, gender, national and racial identity increasingly will be marginalized. We are being identified now by our social media posts.
    We are the majority and must resist vigorously by boycotting "woke" companies and patronizing alternatives to youtube etc.

    We have God on our side. You cannot defeat the Truth. We will win.

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