Why the White House has embraced R2P

March 23, 2011

Soros heavily involved in the 'Responsibility to Protect" movement

Ed Lasky

Barack Obama's adoption of the "Responsibility to Protect" justification for bombing Libya will create problems. Not only will this lead -- and has led to attacks against Israel and calls for international intervention in the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis -- but it also has the potential of being applied in a form of lawfare against America.

When we engage militarily in other nations, civilian casualties are inevitable, especially since terrorists hide among civilian populations. There is one influential group that has been in the forefront of efforts to promote the idea that the international community is obligated to take measures (including military ones) to protect civilians. That group is the Global Center for the Responsibility to Protect. http://globalr2p.org/ Lo and behold! George Soros's Open Society Institute is one of the two foundations that bankroll this advocacy group (the other, the John D. and Catherine MacArthur Foundation - a group that has, over the years, become known not just for its Genius Awards but also for its funding of left-leaning groups. It is headed by a former State Department official and we know how many of those diplomats think).

Soros, as I have also pointed out , http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/obamas-one ... -advisers/ has ties to Samantha Power-Obama's influential foreign policy adviser and one of the key people responsible for Obama's decision to attack Libya under the Responsibility to Protect rationale.

President Obama sought the approval of the Arab League and the international community before launching military attacks on Libya. He did not seek Congressional approval. This chronology illustrates his pattern of outsourcing our foreign policy to other nations and multilateral groups (as if the bowing, the abject apology for America's past actions, his praise for Europe, and other actions had not already indicated his ideology and likely future policies).

Soros, as always, is trying to weaken American sovereignty, harm Israel, and empower the so-called international community (as if the Arab League is not filled with tyrants).

And he has friends in the White House.

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