WATCH: Special Needs Children Choked, Tackled, Electrocuted & Killed In Schools (GRAPHIC, VIDEO)

Schools Claim Wide Leeway for Restraining Special Needs Kids
ABC News filed a special report that featured the stories of special needs children who are brutally restrained in their school environments. Schools believe they need a range of tactics and leeway to deal with autistic children who “act out”.
Some of the tactics include receiving electric shocks and choke-holds, as well as securing students in restraint rooms. Kids have died from some of these incidents. A surveillance tape from the interview below shows five teachers tackling and restraining a child in what they called a “therapeutic hold”, which killed him. Doctors blamed the death on “cardiac arrest while being subdued”.
This report was filed at the end of last year, but in light of news about schools that are running “Code Red” drills to terrify children with gunmen, this news is especially relevant.