Starve the Beast — Homeschool Your Children

Starve a fire of fuel and oxygen, and the fire will go out. Starve cancer cells of what they need to grow, and you will eliminate the cancer.
The State feeds on people. It needs people to function, to survive. The money that the State spends comes from people. Judges, teachers, reporters, and journalists have mostly been educated by the State. Why are we surprised when they support the State?
Americans have a love affair with public education, mainly because they are not paying full price. It’s misplaced. You get what you don’t pay for.
Lowering taxes and cutting spending will not happen as long as we continue to feed the beast with our children. Both parties are intoxicated with power and the use of other people’s money.

The way to stop the madness is to stop the supply of people educated by the State. We wouldn’t need everybody to yank their children out of the State indoctrination centers, although that would be the best of all possible words. If 20 or 30 percent did it, we would see a dramatic power shift take place in America. Parents would control what their children would be learning, and the State would lose a lot of its needed fuel.
The tax base supporting government education would shrink as non-government school parents banded together to vote against taxpayer funding of public schools.
Liberals would be in a panic. They know that their ideas don’t have a rational or a historical basis. They would no longer control the flow of information or the claim that government can do it better.

The results are in, children educated at home and in school settings where there is competition with other schools, do better. There are a number of reasons for this as a new study reveals:

“Private religious schools perform better than public schools, and public charter schools performed no better than regular public schools, according to a new study by William Jeynes, professor of education at California State University at Long Beach and senior fellow at the Witherspoon Institute at Princeton.”
There’s another reason why starving the State by abandoning government schools is needed. Government schools are funded with confiscated money. Money taken from the “community” of property owners is to educate the collective.

Conservatives are railing against Melissa Harris-Perry’s comments about how children belong to the “community,” and yet a vast majority of people in America use the community’s money to educate their children in the community ideal. We say one thing but act against what we say we believe.
Children from a very early age are taught that it’s OK to take money from some people and give it to other people if the cause is a good one. That’s taught by example in the use of public (community) schools.

There are numerous options available, especially with homeschooling. Parents can purchase an out-of-the box curriculum for every grade. The costs are minimal, and parents control the school day. What takes eight to ten hours for a government-education day (much of it wasted), a homeschooling family can do in four hours and accomplish more.

There are homeschool co-opts to help parents with high-level math, science, music, and foreign language studies.
If parents took their anti-Statist worldview seriously, they would not be sending their children to the one institution that is determined to turn your children into soldiers for the State.

Whoever controls the schools rules the world.