BREAKING: North Korea Offers To Send 100,000 ‘Volunteers’ To Help Russia In Ukraine Invasion

By Adam Wilson | Aug 5, 2022

Russia has gained ground in recent weeks in their invasion of Ukraine, though Ukraine has still offered stiff resistance and contained Russia’s gains to Eastern Ukraine, forcing Russia to give up on ambitions of taking the entire country.
Russia has few allies in their invasion, though Belarus offered support early on.

China has offered some degree of financial support, buying Russian oil which has kept their economy afloat as they are still reeling from western sanctions.
China may be peeling off from Russia soon and acting as a neutral party as Ukraine is in talks to make China an arbitrator who would press Russia to end their invasion.
Now, North Korea has offered 100,000 ‘volunteers’ to go to Russia to help the war effort.

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The National Review Reports

North Korea has offered Russia 100,000 “volunteers” to aid in the war against Ukraine, according to Russian state TV.
“There are reports that 100,000 North Korean volunteers are prepared to come and take part in the conflict,” talk show host Igor Korotchenko said on Russian Channel One, the New York Post reported.
The reports come as Russia’s military force is depleted after its unsuccessful attempt to take key parts of Ukraine, including the capital of Kyiv.
Some estimates put the number of Russian soldiers killed as high as 15,000 to 25,000. Accounting for over five months of the war, that puts Russia’s casualty count to about 100 soldiers a day.

BREAKING: North Korea Offers To Send 100,000 'Volunteers' To Help Russia In Ukraine Invasion (