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    Swedes fleing Sweden

    Ethnic cleanse in making:

    [quote][size=150] Vaya Con Dios, Swedes

    by Dymphna

    From Danish Affairs:

    Swedes leaving a sinking ship?

    A population exchange is currently going on in Sweden. The numbers are now comparable to the massive transatlantic emigration of the late 19th century. Kurt Lundgren has done some statistical research [in Swedish].

    During 2007, 45.418 swedish citizens emigrated. In 1881the, number was 45.992.

    The original Swedish population is [now being] replaced with under-educated groups with high reproduction rates from developing Islamic countries.

    What the swedes are leaving is a formerly prosperous and safe welfare state, but no longer the same comfortable place to live. Sweden has not got the rising crime under control.

    The Swedish state authorities seem unable to protect its own citizens. Especially rape, homicide and violent offences are rapidly growing.

    The only quibble I have is the term “developing Islamic countries.â€

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    The Swedes that are leaving are the taxpayers, oh my, . WHO will subsidize the illegal aliens now? Each country better get on the ball with sending these millions of unskilled, uneducated criminals back to their own countries!
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    This can only end in one of two ways. Either the Europeans will be exterminated, or a full scale war will develop throughout the streets of Europe. We are headed the same way, just not as far along. Add to that, our one hope, Ron Paul, is being screwed by the GOP. Delegates loyal to Paul are being forcibly replaced to ensure McCain's victory. The North American Union is moving forward with the support of both parties. I believe that the point of no return should be around 2010 - 2011. That just gives us about two years to stand up and fight the traitors in the only way that has a chance of working.

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    It sounds like a world Pandemic, how very sad, I am sorry but it is not integration when the Citizens are being forced out of their home country's because of rising crime, lower wages, this needs to stop!

    Battleground: South Carolina House!
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