Swiss organization to provide people with SAFE blood transfusions from UNVAXXED purebloods

Wednesday, January 04, 2023 by: Arsenio Toledo
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(Natural News) An organization in Switzerland called Safe Blood Donation has been set up to provide people all over the world with safe blood transfusions exclusively from people who remain unvaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).
The organization was founded in late 2022 by Swiss naturopath George Della Pietra. According to the group’s website, the group’s goal is to provide people all over the world with a way to receive life-saving blood transfusions while refusing to take the vaccines developed against COVID-19.
“Be it an emergency, a scheduled operation or because you need regular transfusions for other medical reasons. This is where Safe Blood Donation comes into play as an intermediary,” reads a statement on the organization’s website.
The group will essentially act as a middleman to connect people all over the world with medical partners who are willing to accept blood donations and provide blood transfusions to people with health needs, but are hesitant to go to hospitals where they will almost certainly receive blood from vaccinated individuals.
Della Pietra created his organization due to the release of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines causing disputes all over the world over blood treatments and transfusions. Specifically, people who are skeptical of the benefits that come with taking the experimental vaccines and doesn’t want their body tainted by the unsafe products.
In Dec. 2022, a baby less than a year old was taken by the government of New Zealand from his parents due to their refusal to allow blood tainted by the COVID-19 vaccines to be used during a life-saving surgery to repair the infant’s heart defect. (Related: New Zealand government KIDNAPS baby with bad heart after parents refuse vaccinated blood for heart surgery.)
Mainstream medical establishment refusing to provide unvaccinated with clean blood transfusions

Della Pietra has contacted hundreds of clinics all over Europe, all of which still don’t allow people “the human right of free blood choice.” Furthermore, dozens of clinics he contacted have all refused to become a partner of the new organization. Some of these clinics are sympathetic, but claimed they do not want to be mentioned for fear of reprisals from the mainstream medical community.
The founder further noted that his main goal is not to run Safe Blood Donation as a blood bank, noting that “this is not possible at the moment” due to legal concerns, but to act as a quick referral service “to match blood donors and recipients” who are then sent to a medical partner’s clinic where the safe, unvaccinated blood transfusion will be handled.
In return for providing people with this service, members are also urged to “make themselves available as blood donors” for other people looking for unvaccinated blood transfusions.
There is no blood bank with mRNA-free blood yet, but Safe Blood Donation declared that “we will not give up until we can offer a worldwide network of such clinics.”
Della Pietra noted on his organization’s website that as soon as Safe Blood Donation has enough medical partners who can handle the complex needs of its members who do not want vaccinated blood, as well as receive applications, accept blood donations and perform blood transfusions, the organization will get to work immediately.
“Blood transfusions are carried out using blood preserves, which go through a complex process after the blood donation in which they are largely cleaned of foreign bodies,” reads the Safe Blood Donation’s website. “With the advent of the completely new mRNA vaccinations … we have completely new challenges here, since not only the so-called spike proteins are neutralized to an unknown extent only.”
People from at least 16 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia and several other nations in Western Europe, Asia and Africa, have already signed up either to donate unvaccinated blood or to receive blood transfusions from unvaccinated individuals.
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