Ted Cruz Minces No Words When Spelling Out How Dems Would React if Republicans Did What Obama Has

5,470 Shares By Kevin Boyd 1 day ago

Texas Senator Ted Cruz introduced a resolution this week calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special, independent prosecutor. Holder has instead appointed major Democratic donor Barbara Bosserman to investigate the IRS scandal. Cruz then demanded Holder’s impeachment if he refused to appoint an independent prosecutor.
Cruz cited the decisions of the Attorneys General under Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton to appoint independent prosecutors, when both men were accused of abusing their power, and in Nixon’s case, attempting to use the IRS against his political opponents.
Holder’s Justice Department was labeled by Cruz as the most partisan in American history. With a decision to appoint a Democratic donor, and Holder’s resistance to appointing an independent prosecutor, you’d sound awfully silly to try to defend him.