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    Time to Make Some Noise for NDAA Nullification In Tennessee!

    Blog calls for action to Tennesse lawmakers to vote down NDAA.

    Time to Make Some Noise for NDAA Nullification in Tennessee! – Tenth Amendment Center Blog

    Time to Make Some Noise for NDAA Nullification in Tennessee!

    Posted by Lesley Swann

    As of now, the Law Enforcement Communications Act (HB2619/SB2669)has been taken off notice in the General Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee. The reason is that there has been so much opposition to the legislation, specifically from Republican members of the subcommittee, that the sponsor, Rep. Bill Dunn, has taken it off notice to prevent it from getting voted down.
    Quite simply, the only way to get this bill passed is to call down the thunder and lightning on these legislators in the form of phone calls and e-mails to insist that they pass this bill. If we don’t raise a torrential storm of calls and e-mails, this bill will go nowhere.

    It’s time to make some noise Tennesseans, and stop the NDAA in its tracks!

    Action Items:
    1. Contact the members of the subcommittee and demand that they pass HB2619/SB2669 without weakening it in any way. Be polite but firm and let them know that if they do not pass this bill, you will work hard to make sure that they are not in office in 2013. Keep in mind that we are getting opposition from legislators in both political parties.
    General Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee
    Rep. Jim Coley, Chair: Republican, District 97
    207 WMB, (615) 741-8201,
    Rep. Vance Dennis, Vice-Chair: Republican, District 71
    105 WMB, (615) 741-2190,
    Rep. Eddie Bass: Democrat, District 65
    109 WMB, (615) 741-1864,
    (Note that Rep. Bass is a retired county sheriff himself, and has sponsored his own version of a sheriffs first bill in the past.)
    Rep. Karen D. Camper: Democrat, District 87
    20 LP, (615) 741-1898,
    Rep. Jon C. Lundberg: Republican, District 1
    205 WMB, (615) 741-7623,
    Rep. Judd Matheny: Republican, District 47
    205 WMB, (615) 741-7448,
    Rep. Barrett Rich: Republican, District 94
    204 WMB, (615) 741-6890,
    Rep. Janis Baird Sontany: Democrat, District 53
    32 LP, (615) 741-6861,
    Rep. Eric Watson: Republican, District 22
    209A WMB, (615) 741-7799,
    2. If you can attend the subcommittee meeting on Wednesday, February 15 at 3:30 PM Central, please be in Nashville to attend. The schedules are listed here.
    3. Contact Rep. Dunn and Sen. Campfield to thank them for sponsoring HB2619/SB2669. Assure them that you want them to continue the fight for the rights of Tennesseans.
    Rep. Bill Dunn: Republican, District 16
    212 WMB, (615) 741-1721,
    Sen. Stacey Campfield: Republican, District 7
    306 WMB, (615) 741-1766,
    4. Contact your personal state representative and senator and encourage them to co-sponsor and support HB2619/SB2669. Let them know that if they do not support it, you will work hard to make sure they are not in office in 2013. Remember to be polite, but firm. You can find your the legislators for your district by clicking here and entering your street address on the left side of the screen.
    5. Contact Speaker Beth Harwell and Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey and let them know you support HB2619/SB2669 and ask them to co-sponsor it.
    Speaker Beth Harwell: Republican, District 56
    107 WMB, (615) 741-0709,
    Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey: Republican, District 2
    1 LP, (615) 741-4524,

    6. Send a link to this article to everyone you know and encourage them to call and e-mail these legislators.
    7. Please consider running against any legislators in your district who do not support this bill. The deadline to file to run this year is April 5th. We need people with courage and principles to stand up against legislators who lack the moral courage to do the right thing.

    Lesley Swann is a Co-Host for Tenther Radio, the state chapter coordinator for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, and founder of the East Tennessee 10th Amendment Group. She is a native of Anderson County, Tennessee.

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    Lawmakers Pick Fight With Feds Over Public Lands

    Moved post.

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