Top 10 things the CULT OF FAUCI told us we must do to avoid dying from Covid that have now been shown to be COMPLETE BUNK

Monday, February 13, 2023 by: S.D. Wells
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(Natural News) The cult of Fauci was relentless in their pursuit of every human on earth getting “fully” jabbed with billions of toxic spike prions that cause vascular clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, and turbo cancer. If we don’t all get these gene-mutating jabs that change human DNA forever for the worse, we were all surely to die from the Wuhan flu, so they claimed. Then, every few weeks, the Fauci cult backpedaled, and recanted another claim, trying to cover their tracks while still pushing for boosters to put the remaining wandering jabbed zombies six feet under.
Follow the science, Fauci said. Follow the science, they told us at the CDC. Yet, the science proves every concocted theory the Fauci cult had was bunk and did absolutely NOTHING to stop the spread of Wuhan flu, which proved to be no more deadly than the seasonal flu or a bad head cold.
Now, peer-reviewed meta-analyses are coming in that prove, scientifically, that the Fauci “conspiracy theories” are just that, and anyone who fell for the scamdemic scams is paying the price with their health, or already paid the ultimate price with their life. Also, it turns out there is no such thing as “long Covid,” it’s just health detriment from the clot shots. So without further adieu, here are the top 10 things the Cult of Fauci told us we must do to avoid dying from Covid that have now been shown to be complete and utter bunk.
#1. Avoid using cash, as it will spread Covid (globalist scheme to switch to digital currency).
#2. All masks are helpful, so wear one at all times, indoors and outdoors (virtually no masks work at all, and they breed bacteria in the mouth, throat and lungs that help PCR tests result in false-positives for Covid).
#3. “Vaccines” will flatten the curve, stop you from catching Covid, stop you from spreading Covid, and stop you from catching a “bad case” of Covid (all lies recanted systematically as the truth came out).
#4. It’s not the Fauci flu jabs causing heart attacks and sudden death syndrome, it’s cold showers, referee whistles, video games, toxic particles in the air, and wait for it… the common cold.
#5. Social distancing will help “flatten the curve,” even though for decades all we’ve heard is that “herd theory” means those vaccinated stay close together to protect each other.
#6. Lockdowns will save us all from Covid, even though limiting exposure to nature weakens our immune system.
#7. Remdesivir is the drug of choice should you be hospitalized with a severe case of Fauci flu, even though Remdesivir decimates kidney function and is basically a death sentence itself.
#8. Ventilators were crammed down the windpipe of hospitalized Covid patients to “help them breathe,” but 75 percent of patients put on them DIE within 4 days, and most of the survivors suffer permanent nerve damage.
#9. The boosters will help fight off variants of Covid-19, the sheeple are told, but are completely useless and now adding to the chaos of AIDS-like immune system incapacitation.
#10. All Covid jabs are “safe and effective,” say the Fauci cult vax fanatics, but they’re the ones clutching their chests and collapsing from spike protein syndrome and SADS.
Massive, peer-reviewed, international research study found Covid masks are next to useless for protection against infection

At first, the Fauci cult claimed that Americans just needed to mask up for a few weeks to flatten the curve and prevent a pandemic. They said any mask would help, whether it was homemade from a bandana, or something you buy at the drug store or on Amazon. Supposedly, at the beginning of the pandemic, there were billions of particles in the air from people coughing, sneezing, talking, yelling, and singing, that would surely cause every unmasked human to catch Covid and most likely die from it. That was the narrative across all mainstream media.
Then, it was all recanted. First they said the masks don’t stop you from spreading Covid, but will stop you from getting it. Then they said the homemade masks aren’t good enough, unless you double-layer them and keep them tight around your chin and face. Then they recently started claiming only the N-95 masks work, which is also a lie, as even surgical masks are proven to fail the litmus test of transmission.
Now, peer-reviewed, comprehensive research of more than 75 mask studies as part of a meta-analysis, with randomized controlled trials, proves the masks are not all they’re cracked up to be, and most of them are completely useless, not to mention they breeh bacteria in the mouth, throat, and lungs, leading to serious infections, including complicating Covid. Oops.
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Top 10 things the CULT OF FAUCI told us we must do to avoid dying from Covid that have now been shown to be COMPLETE BUNK –