Top 10 ways Biden Regime is turning America into a Communist hell-hole

Friday, April 22, 2022 by: S.D. Wells

(Natural News) Most Americans cannot fathom that their own government wants to destroy their country. Citizens just can’t wrap their heads around the fact that the CDC and FDA literally want everyone sick and begging for financial aid from the very institution that is solely responsible for bankrupting them. The corruption of the regulatory agencies runs deep. The working class thinks they have it made because they have healthcare, but it’s really just “sick care” coverage, and that’s been proven during COVID-19, as most victims of the “virus” get sicker and/or die from the “snake oil” vaccines and during their “visits” at the hospitals of America. The Biden Regime is pushing repeated vaccination and perpetual masking for Wuhan Virus harder than ever, even though we’ve already entered the endemic phase. Wonder why?
The pandemic of population control

Let’s face it, the whole pandemic was about the Democrat-run US government controlling the populace, and none of the mandates were based on actual science. Small and midsized businesses were bankrupted, while monster corporations like Walmart and Amazon doubled and tripled their wealth. The pandemic spread due to lockdowns, social distancing, masking and vaccination, rather than “flattening the curve” or preventing transmission and death.
Now we see inflation skyrocketing daily, education becoming a perverted front for trans-everything, and US borders wide open to terrorists and disease-spreading illegal immigration. Plus, the whole war against Russia is mostly a cover story for the bioweapons labs the US has/had in place in Ukraine, that helped develop “gain of function” for coronavirus and the deadly snake oil vaccines that conveniently arrived on the heels of it.
The theory that COVID-19 vaccines are “safe and effective” is a CONSPIRACY THEORY and is not based on any proven science

Freedom of speech and press have never been more limited and suppressed in America than during this plandemic. The attack by the misinformation specialists to call all informed choice “misinformation” has been relentless, and Big Pharma has colluded with the Biden Regime 100 percent.
Mass media and the sick care industrial complex has published thousands of fake science documents, reports, articles, studies and “clinical trials” that have been outright falsified, warped and simply fabricated. Nothing about Wuhan virus vaccines has been “safe” or “effective.”
We are in the middle of a pandemic of populace control. The virus pandemic has all but ended, but the control of people’s functionality, the suppression of human rights, and the removal of medical choice, is at an all-time high in America. That’s why we have to point out the top 10 ways the Biden Regime is turning America into a Communist hell-hole, so we can all fight back and defend the Republic proper.
Top 10 ways the Biden Regime is turning America into a Communist hell-hole

#1. Pushing “snake oil vaccines” on the masses to make everyone deathly sick
#2. Cutting off supply lines for fertilizer, animal feed and oil to cause famine and economic destruction
#3. Printing trillions of dollars for embezzling and bankrupting the value of the dollar
#4. Perverting children to focus on trans-everything and hate themselves
#5. Keeping the borders wide open to import illegal-immigrant voters and spread more diseases to keep the pandemic going strong
#6. Continuing COVID restrictions and mandates to wreck all small-to-mid-sized businesses, thus wiping out the middle class while enriching the biggest corporations
#7. Blaming Russia for everything to keep focus off the communist takeover of America, the nullifying of the Constitution, and population reduction via deadly healthcare
#8. Funding and running biowarfare labs all around the world to create new deadly variants, new fatal prescription drugs, and more deadly venom-laced “vaccines”
#9. Keeping oxygen-depriving mask mandates in place everywhere to depersonalize Americans so we’re all clones who can’t think straight
#10. Keeping the pandemic going to enforce mail-in ballots so the Democrats can continue to steal every important election forevermore
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