Top 7 things C-3PO-Biden canít do, wonít do, and even if he did, would ensure he LOSES in NOVEMBER by a landslide

03/24/2024 // S.D. Wells // 1.5K Views

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Dementia is a sad condition where the mind becomes more and more disabled over time, sometimes referred to as "cognitively challenged." To be cognitively challenged means a person has difficulties thinking, learning, remembering, using judgment and making decisions, and this includes suffering short-and-long-term memory loss and experiencing difficulty solving even the simplest of problems. Dementia patients also often slur their words because dementia can damage the parts of the brain that control language. People with dementia often forget where they are, even having trouble navigating familiar places, while having difficulty with mobility. In walks Joe C-3PO-Biden, a.k.a. "Resident Biden."Take a look at almost any and every talk or speech given by Resident Biden and you will witness ALL of these symptoms of early-to-mid-stage dementia. He slurs his words as they all run together. He calls even the most prominent world figures by the wrong names, says million instead of billion or trillion, can't figure out which way to walk at the end of speeches, and walks stiff like the C-3PO robot from Star Wars, saying, "I don't know what all this trouble is about, but I'm sure it must be your fault!"
If the "shoe were on the other foot" and Trump functioned in this condition, mainstream media would be all over it, 24/7/365

Notice there is zero mention of Biden's dementia on mainstream media. There are no pundits pointing out that he is not fit to serve another term, much less another day. Every day he is in office is another day a senile man who despises America has his fingers on the nuclear codes, while importing millions of terrorists across open borders.
The current puppet running the country needs to put into assisted living because half the time he has no clue where he is, who he is, who he's married to or who he is even talking to.
Most Americans vote first and foremost for a good economy, so if that's the case this year, then Trump wins by landslide. Period. The Biden Regime just makes up figures out of thin air, with no sourcing, in order to lie and lie big time about their dismal economy, full-on recession, threats of WWIII, funding two unnecessary wars, funding an open border invasion of illegals, crippling the supply chain on purpose and fueling a plandemic that should have never taken place to begin with. Top it all off with the "big guy" in charge who's demented, perverted, senile and a child-sniffing predator.
If the mainstream media would present two columns, one showing Trump's accomplishments in 4 years and the other showing Biden's catastrophes in just 3, the Biden Regime would sink like the Titanic.
Yet, it's all just a stage now, chock full of staged events, fake news, fake pandemics and fake leaders. Politics 101 for the communists in control, and they're running the communism playbook step by step. It's almost to the point where the evening news can say ANYTHING and it makes it so. Biden could lose a swing state by millions of votes, but if the news says he won, and that it was the "most secure election in U.S. history," then every Democrat and Liberal in America believes it to be so, and any objection to the nightly fake news is "domestic terrorism," "insurrection" and outright "treason," worthy of a (shortened) life in jail in a DC gulag.
Top 7 things Biden wonít do, and even if he did, would ensure he loses by a landslide come November

#1. Debate Trump on live television
#2. Take a cognition test from a real, independent agency
#3. Make a speech without an earpiece, teleprompter and note cards
#4. Hold a legitimate election where Google, YouTube, Facebook and every nightly news station (and newspaper) doesn't cheat, lie and try to steal the election for the Left
#5. Show how many people come to his "rallies" during his much-left-to-be-desired "campaign" tour
#6. Have the election in November without (falsified) mail-in-ballots or Dominion (vote-flipping) machines in all the swing states
#7. Verify that no illegal immigrants vote for POTUS in November (Biden Regime has about 15 million ready to vote for naturalization, free food, free lodging, etc.)
So guard your children, because Creepy Joe "Big Guy" C-3PO-Biden wants to sniff your children's hair, touch them inappropriately with his mouth and have them rub the hairs on his legs while he sits by the pool. Just watch:

'Creepy' Joe Biden sniffs childrenís hair (

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Top 7 things C-3PO-Biden canít do, wonít do, and even if he did, would ensure he LOSES in NOVEMBER by a landslide Ė