Totalitarianism Becomes Benevolent

August 8, 2011
by Bob Livingston

Money printing destroys U.S. dollar savings and retirements.

Totalitarianism is crude force and inhuman treatment of men. We conjure mental pictures of the Spanish Inquisition and concentration camps of World War II and their disease and starvation.

Americans imagine the inhumanity of Japanese and German concentration camps of World War II. But the book Other Losses by James Bacque reveals how German prisoners at the end of World War II were put in American concentration camps run by allied commanders and subjected to disease and starvation.

The human population is composed of two personality types. The masses are the worker bees, and a small minority are human parasites who live off the masses through deception and manipulation.

The political and social order is the creation of evil men from which and through which greater humanity is ruled. Most, but not all, politicians work behind masks. They speak in a seductive language and manipulate the minds of the people who vote for them. The ruling elite highly favor deceptive politicians who think nothing of selling their souls for money.

Since only a very small number is comprised of the ruling elite and their obedient lackeys, they must rule with deceit and from sanctuaries of privilege, out of sight, like the city of London. (See Empire of the City by E.C. Knuth.)

When the elite rulers walk among us, they do so under disguises and complicated cloaks. However, students of the World Order have detected over the years that the esoteric is revealed to the discerning in signs and symbols.

These signs and symbols portray innocence and even benevolence to the public, but they operate on a dual or hidden agenda, i.e., deception.

The goals of the ruling elite never change in thousands of years. They always despise the millions of people they rule over. Though they rule with outward pomp and circumstance, inward they are “raving wolves.â€