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    Toxic EPA Hag Pitches Fake “Climate Disaster” As EPA Creates A Real One And Gives NM

    Toxic EPA Hag Pitches Fake “Climate Disaster” As EPA Creates A Real One And Gives NM Silent Treatment

    Posted on August 12, 2015
    by Rick Wells in

    New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez (R) would probably not greet Hussein Obama with a smile these days, in the wake of the creation by his “professionals” at EPA of a serious toxic waste spill in her state. Not only are they solely responsible for the creation of the toxic emergency, they also failed to notify state authorities in a timely manner, and continue to stonewall information as to the nature of the spill. They have as of yet to specifically identify the contaminants that they accidentally released into the Animas River.

    She has directed all of those who get their drinking water from the river as well as those who use it for recreation or the watering of their livestock to discontinue doing so and to avoid all contact with the water. She notes that the EPA has still, as of the interview, not advised New Mexico of the exact nature of the contaminants, reported to be at a minimum in the amount of three million gallons.
    She says, “The dangers in the short term and the long term are unknown because the EPA is not communicating openly with the State of New Mexico.” The information, the governor says, that a spill took place was given to her state by the Ute Indians, not the EPA.

    It is worth noting that while a real emergency that falls under the parameters of the Environmental Protection Agency is being downplayed by the agency and its director, Gina McCarthy, she did manage to find the time to spread the climate change alarmism in a speech at a “Resources for the Future” event on Tuesday.

    Maybe if she spent more time actually doing her job and less time trying to manipulate the world into submitting to global climate Marxism this kind of thing could be avoided.

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    EPA Contractor Involved in Colorado Spill Identified as Environmental Restoration

    Fenton, Mo., company was tasked with mitigating pollutants from closed mine

    The Environmental Protection Agency accidentally released approximately three million gallons of wastewater into Cement Creek, in Silverton, Colo., which feeds into the Animas River. PHOTO: THEO STROOMER/GETTY IMAGES


    Aug. 12, 2015 5:24 p.m. ET24 COMMENTS

    Missouri-based Environmental Restoration LLC was the contractor whose work caused a mine spill in Colorado that released an estimated three million gallons of toxic sludge into a major river system, according to a person familiar with the matter and government documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which was overseeing the servicing of the mine at the time, has said an outside contractor was using heavy equipment to enter the Gold King Mine when it breached a debris dam, letting out wastewater that had built up inside the mine. The EPA hasn’t publicly named the contractor.

    Officials at the company, based in Fenton, Mo., didn’t return multiple calls for comment.

    According to various government documents, Environmental Restoration had signed an agreement to provide emergency protection from pollutants from the Gold King Mine, near Durango, Colo., in the southwestern part of the state. The spill has fouled the nearby Animas River, turning its water mustard yellow in the initial several days after the spill on Aug. 5.

    The money to fund the Gold King Mine cleanup comes out of EPA’s Superfund budget, according to Scott Sherman, a former deputy assistant administrator at EPA during the George W. Bush administration who oversaw Superfund and other waste programs.

    Environmental Restoration is one of the largest EPA emergency cleanup contractors. It is the main provider for the EPA’s emergency cleanup and rapid response needs in the region that covers Colorado, as well as in several other parts of the country. It worked on the cleanup for some of the highest-profile disasters in recent history, including the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack Ground Zero cleanup, and the Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico spill remediation, according to the company’s website.

    From October 2007 through this month, Environmental Restoration has been awarded $381 million in federal contracts, according to government procurement data compiled on The vast majority—more than $364 million—of that total was for work for the EPA. About 10%, or $37 million of the EPA’s awarded amount, was for contracts within the state of Colorado.

    The Gold King mine wasn’t a designated Superfund cleanup site, which would have required far more funding. Rather, Environmental Restoration was trying to stop wastewater from escaping the mine at the time of the breach, government documents indicate.

    The massive spill—which resulted in dramatic images of mustard-colored wastewater laced with heavy metals—highlights the market for environmental cleanup firms, a lucrative government contracting business. The company was listed by an engineering trade publication last year as one of the top 100 environmental firms in the country, with revenue estimated at close to $80 million.

    Write to Amy Harder at and Alexandra Berzon at


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