The transgender industry preys on the most vulnerable – the autistic and the abused – turning them into cash-cows for life

Sunday, April 30, 2023 by: Lance D Johnson
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(Natural News) The medical and pharmaceutical industry in the United States has found a new way to harm young people and create customers out of them for life. A predatory transgender industry is growing, and it preys on the most vulnerable – young people struggling with autism, young people struggling with their identity and sense of belonging. This transgender industry takes advantage of people with hormonal imbalances, subjecting them to synthetic hormones that further the imbalance. This industry takes advantage of people with a history of being abused, mis-diagnosing their struggles, and playing into a false reality, before turning them into cash-cows for life. Victims of transgender hormone “treatments” and surgeries are speaking out against this sadistic transgender industry, and telling their story about how they were given the promise of a cure, while they were being abused, mutilated, and destroyed from within.
Predatory transgender industry targets people on the autism spectrum

An undercover investigation by James O’Keefe (formerly Project Veritas), found doctors who were willing to speak up about the inner-workings of this predatory transgender industry. In a third installment of a series exposing medical malpractice and predatory protocols in the transgender industry, O’Keefe interviews several doctors who testified about the for-profit, predatory functions of the industry.
“In the beginning, it’s a lot of doctor visits,” Dr. John Steever said. “But, you know, after a while, you space it out. It’s like, every six to twelve months?”
“For a female going to male, if they would continue — you’d have to continuously take testosterone pretty — well, for the rest of their life,” said Dr. Matthew Warnken, a pharmacist in Austin, Texas.
Dr. Matthew Pabis in New York sees the industry targeting autistic children. He spoke about a 21-year-old autistic patient seeking mental health counselling. “At the time, he was coming here for mental health, and he came down here and he just sat down, and I’m like, ‘What are you here for?’” Dr. Pabis asked the young man. “He’s like, ‘Oh, I saw you do transgender.’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ He’s like, ‘Well I think I need to get my penis cut off,’ I was like, ‘You know, transitioning is not easy.’ It doesn’t happen like this. You have to inject yourself with hormones. You have to take pills. You have to do blood work. You know, if he makes it, then let’s do it, and he’s getting his vagina next week, in one year!” If doctors and mental health counselors do not go along with the transition protocol, they are falsely shamed by their colleagues and blamed for making the patient more suicidal.
Nora Scott, a licensed social worker at Dell Children’s Medical Center, confirmed that the industry preys on individuals on the autism spectrum. “I can say from here as well, there’s a lot of folks at our clinic who are on the autism spectrum … [There is] a heavy amount of crossover between folks who are somewhere on the spectrum and also somewhere on the LGBTQIA spectrum,” she said.
Parisha Mosley, de-transition advocate, talked about her horrifying experience going through with a “gender transition.”
“I was under the impression that I was going to take a cure and be healed, and I didn’t understand as a mentally ill child that I was signing up for lifelong medicalization. I didn’t conceptualize the idea that I was going to be injecting this [medication] every two weeks, forever.”
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The transgender industry preys on the most vulnerable – the autistic and the abused – turning them into cash-cows for life –