Trump the time-traveler confronts the Morlocks and the Eloi

Truth is stranger than fiction.

July 21, 2019
By Patricia McCarthy

H.G. Wells's novel The Time Machine seems an apt analogy for the political storms of the day. The Left, unmoored since the election of 2016, has become demented, furious that its confident assumption that Clinton would win was wrong. The candidate they had long mocked and giggled about won a decided victory despite all the cheating that went on to insure Clinton's election. She had commissioned and paid for Fusion GPS to craft a "dossier" that would surely destroy his candidacy. She had the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA all onboard, all invested and working the scheme.
There was no way they could fail. But they did. Then they got caught. So they deployed Plan B, hire Mueller to manage the cover-up. That has failed as well. So now they are sputtering mad, foaming at the mouth. Among all the fire and fury have been some unexpected consequences. Thanks to the defections of numerous cowardly Republicans in the House, the Democrats now have the majority. Not all of them know their place. Freshmen congresspersons are expected, above all, to know their place.
Ocasio-Cortez and her three pals, Tlaib, Omar (not her real name), and Pressley, decidedly do not know their place. The four congresswomen who have been nipping at the ankles of Nancy Pelosi since they were elected have provided endless amusement for Republicans. Each of these newbies is frighteningly ignorant of everything outside of their narrow ideological purview. Omar and Tlaib are Muslim and have since childhood been nursed at the teat of anti-Semitism, and they are proud of it. Neither is smart enough to perceive that their own bigotry cancels out every bit of their credibility re: "people of color."
Ocasio-Cortez is equally benighted when it comes to knowledge of the world outside her own rigid ideological bubble. She is essentially a mind-numbed performer of scripts written by her handler, Saikat Chakrabarti, the trust fund kid who founded the Orwellian-named Justice Democrats. This group has little to do with justice and everything to do with upending the United States as founded and rebuilding it in their twisted vision of utopia. Chakrabarti and his cohorts are like Morlocks, the ape-like troglodytes of H.G. Wells's novel. Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow pretenders are the witless Eloi, childlike adults who lack curiosity or discipline and have no sense of the value of life. In this fictional tale, Trump would be the time-traveler from the distant past, the person who lands in a strange new place and tries to save the people lost within it. Like the time-traveler, Trump landed in a swamp not of his making, an outsider to be sure, hated and feared by its inhabitants but doing his best for their benefit and succeeding against all odds.
But our Left is permanently enraged. As Trump racks up accomplishments, these people get madder and madder. Energy independence, defeat of ISIS, millions no longer dependent on food stamps, lowest unemployment ever, prison reform, tax cuts, stock market, gradually reforming health care, etc. Pretending none of this has happened, the Left media prattle daily about Trump as fascist, totalitarian, a Nazi, he's mentally ill, yada, yada, yada. They are well and truly bonkers. Watch MSNBC for five minutes, and you'll see.
There is no 24/7 cable television in The Time Machine, but Morlocks and Eloi are alive and well in Congress. The Schiffs, Nadlers, Schumers, Blumenthals, and their ilk are the Morlocks; it's a long list. Their agenda is to create and feed off a big government to control an unwitting population. Ocasio-Cortez and her squad along with people like Hirono, Gillibrand, and a host of others, are the Eloi. They are there but have not a clue as to why, what the Constitution says or means, nor do they care a bit about their constituents. They have no feelings toward them one way or another.
There is a sentence in The Time Machine that seems to describe President Trump: "The fact is, the Time Traveller was one of those men who are too clever to be believed: you never felt that you saw all round him; you always suspected some subtle reserve, some ingenuity in ambush, behind his lucid frankness." So filled with hatred for the man, the Morlocks of Congress are too thick-headed to grasp the wisdom of Trump's instincts. The Eloi, like Omar and her little band of bigots are, as Wells also wrote, the crisis today that will be a joke tomorrow.

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