TSA Posts 24 Million Round Ammo Bid Solitictiation – Most TSA Agents Don’t Carry Guns

Posted on 22 May, 2014 by Rick Wells

It’s a scenario that is being repeated over and over again. An agency of the federal government is posting a solicitation for bids for the purchase of an excessively large amount of ammunition, weapons, or the associated personal protection equipment, with no apparent justification and no accountability.
When this first started happening, Janet Napolitano offered some feeble attempts at an explanation, such as training use for expensive, duty rounds or hollow-points, which were obviously untrue. She also claimed that the government was ordering large amounts to get better pricing. Somehow being a sensible or frugal shopper doesn’t seem plausible, given the way this government throws money around.
Now the TSA, a largely unarmed agency, has posted a bid solicitation for 24 million .357 SIG rounds, to be delivered at a rate of 4,800,000 per year. The only armed personnel at the TSA are air marshals, and they rarely fire their weapons in the line of duty. Once again, these are not practice rounds.
Janet Napolitano is no longer in a position to lie to us about the reason for the arms buildup, it’s DHS Chief Jeh Johnson’s turn now.
How about it, Jeh? Why is TSA stockpiling a supply of powerful duty ammunition for an agency that has only a minimal amount of armed employees?
Perhaps it’s for the same reason as the bid for an unknown number of submachine guns by the Agriculture Department just a couple of weeks ago. That solicitation included night sights front and rear, as well as 30-round capacity.
Scarecrows been acting up again?

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